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Get frisky with fall aphrodisiacs

Get frisky this fall with seasonal aphrodisiacs. Here are foods to awaken your senses and get you in the mood for pleasure this season.

Couple with apple in bed

1Pumpkin pie

In numerous studies, pumpkin pie has been selected as the sexiest smell by men. Recently, the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago found that the smell of pumpkin pie increased penile blood flow by 40 percent, while also increasing sexual desire in women. This is not much of a surprise considering that there are various aphrodisiacs used to make the pie, including cinnamon and vanilla.


During the fall, cinnamon is a spice that turns up in many recipes. The lore of it being an aphrodisiac goes back to a biblical text that states cinnamon was used with myrrh and aloe to perfume lovers. Cinnamon is a slow working aphrodisiac; it increases physical and sexual appetite, and generates arousal in men and women. It is also said that a drop of cinnamon oil rubbed on the genitals stimulates sexual desires.


This passion fruit has a history of being known as a culinary symbol for Aphrodite. It is often said that the pomegranate was actually the forbidden fruit and not the apple. Research from The Male Clinic of Los Angeles found that 47 percent of men who drank one glass of pomegranate juice each day had better erections. They also found that couples who drank pomegranate juice before kissing would kiss with more passion.


The curvy shape of the pear makes it known for celebrating the female body. Eating pears regularly adds to the aphrodisiac effect — especially eating ripe pears. There are a variety of pears available in the grocery store and any one will do. This delectable fruit can be used for a variety of fall desserts. Poach and pair them with chocolate for an easy aphrodisiac dessert.


An apple a day does more than keep the doctor away. In the times of the Greeks, men would toss an apple to the one that he desired, and if she caught it, they were engaged. Apples are packed with antioxidants and are also filled with vitamins, minerals and enzymes that stimulate sexual desire.

6Hot chocolate

Fall is such a great time for hot chocolate, and it’s the perfect way to nest and snuggle in at home. The Aztecs were the first ones who connected chocolate with sexual desire. The gigolo Casanova carried on the allure of chocolate by using it to seduce his lovers. Chocolate is a controversial aphrodisiac mainly because some people say that it does cause arousal, while others say that it doesn’t. If there are any aphrodisiac effects, they are probably psychological and not physiological.

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