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6 Movies’ romantics we will never stop swooning over

From Jake Ryan to Lloyd Dobler, and even sparkly vampire dreamboat Edward Cullen, we are swooning in a major way. But these aren’t the only ones we’re harboring secret crushes for. Here are the six iconic movie romantics that we’ve fallen hard for. (Come on, admit it!)

So what if we compare any potential partners to the movie romantics? Or swoon at the very sound of their names? These iconic movie romantics are a blissful respite from the reality of boring dates, insensitive creeps and too-close-for-comfort boyfriends and husbands. They may be fictional characters, but the impact they have on us is very real. Here are our favorite six.

Be still, our hearts.

1. Noah Calhoun from The Notebook

Gosling’s Noah Calhoun had even the most cynical of cynics reaching for the Kleenex. His devotion to Allie, the love of his life, knows no bounds. Even after she ignores him for 14 years and gets engaged to someone else, Noah still waits for her. And if the steamy-kiss-in-the-rain “it wasn’t over, it still isn’t over” scene didn’t awaken any feelings inside you, then please get yourself checked out. Seriously.

2. Lloyd Dobler from Say Anything

Who knew that a boombox, a broken heart and the progressive rock sounds of Peter Gabriel would make for one of the most iconic (and romantic) movie moments of all time? The scene: John Cusack’s brokenhearted Lloyd Dobler serenades his ex outside her bedroom window by blasting In Your Eyes from a boombox he has held up over his head. Of course, had this actually happened in real life, the trenchcoat-wearing ex-boyfriend milling around your yard would have likely prompted a call to the police, but because this is John Cusack and Hollywood, it totally works.

Edward Cullen from the Twilight Saga

3. Edward Cullen from the Twilight saga

Even if you’re not a “Twi-hard,” the allure of Twilight‘s Edward Cullen is pretty undeniable. Let’s face it: Vampires are sexy. Factor in Robert Pattinson’s intensity, piercing eyes, oh-so-perfectly-tousled hair and willingness to defend and protect his woman at any cost (hello werewolves!), and Edward is quite irresistible (sparkles and all).

Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing

4. Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing

Sam Wheat from Ghost is definitely worth noting, but Patrick Swayze’s turn as the leaping, lifting, She’s Like the Wind-singing dance instructor Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing takes the cake. Does this coming-of-age story about a teenage girl rebelling against her father and falling in love for the first time bring back memories? Suffice to say, if you’re a female and were alive in the ’80s, even hearing the first few chords of (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life will likely have you reliving some of the movie’s iconic romantic moments.

Jack Dawson in Titanic

5. Jack Dawson from Titanic

Remember Leo-mania? Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack Dawson had women in hysterics as a romantic artist and drifter who gives his life to save the woman he loves “in every way that a person can be saved.” Swoon.

Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles

6. Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles

Who, me? “Yeah, you,” he mouths. He with the deep brown eyes, perfectly square jaw and smile that makes you melt. That Porsche. That sweater vest. Seriously, Jake Ryan. You are too much.

Looks and wheels aside, Jake Ryan is the quintessential boyfriend for a generation of women. He’s rich and popular with a gorgeous cheerleader girlfriend, but he dumps her and starts noticing the freckly, insecure sophomore. He got her panties back from the geeks and wishes her a happy birthday — after her entire family forgot. Then that kiss in the glow of flickering candle light… Time to cue up the Thompson Twins and pray that Jake Ryan’s perfection hasn’t ruined men altogether for you.

Who makes you swoon? Share your favorites in the comments section!

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