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Five sexy and sensual tips for busy moms

Being a mom automatically means you’re one busy woman. But even though there’s always something to do or a little one calling for you, don’t forget about the sexy woman inside you. Here are five sexy tips that you can incorporate into your schedule starting right now.

Woman in bubble bath

Schedule sexy time

This may not sound fun or spontaneous at first, but a mom has to do what a mom has to do. If you find yourself without ample time to get some lovin’ in with your partner, put it in your schedule. It’s far better to schedule quality time together than not to have time for love at all.

Take time just for you

Have a day where you hand off your kids to your partner so that you get quality time by yourself. There’s no need to feel guilty about needing time to be alone. On Sunday mornings in New York City, it’s obvious that the men are on duty because the Upper West Side is full of men strolling around with children. That means that moms are at home taking naps, at the gym or doing something else to recharge. Plus, when you take time out for yourself, you’ll in a more loving mood the rest of the week.

Make dinner time sensual

Even though your kids may be in the room, it doesn’t mean that dinner time can’t be sexy. Play some jazz, pull out the wine and have your man take part in making the meal with you. If he burns everything he touches, have him mix up the salad or mash the potatoes. Food is sensual and opens up emotions for people, so use it as a little bit of foreplay between the two of you.

Read erotica in bed

If you like to read in bed, put the romance book aside and select a book of erotica. On the cool, make sure that your partner gets a glance of the book cover so that it piques some curiosity. Maybe you can read a selection to him to warm up the bed sheets.

Go to a naughty club

There are naughty nightclubs all over the globe, so there’s sure to be one in your area. On your next “date night,” surprise your partner by taking him to a naughty club. Most of the clubs are set up to be centered on people doing things at their comfort level, so you can go to just watch if you want. You can also keep it simple and head out to a strip club. More women are starting to frequent strip clubs, so you will not be out of place. Also, strippers love it when women are around because they feel more comfortable with women. You may end up having more fun than your man.

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