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Hot celebrity hubbies

While not all of these hot celebrity guys are actually husbands (you still have a chance, girls!), they’re definitely husband material. See who made our list of hottest celebrity husbands and husbands-to-be!

1Pierce Brosnan

After the death of Brosnan’s first wife, he didn’t think he’d ever be able to marry again, but Keely Smith won his heart over time. After losing your spouse, you learn the importance of living out loud, making sure that the people you love know how much you care. Pierce has done just that. In honor of their marriage, they made a large donation to a vocational school for Tibetans in exile in Nepal and sent much of their wedding cake to a home for senior citizens. To this day, Pierce brings his lovely wife breakfast in bed with a single flower from their garden.

Pierce Brosnan


2Boris Kodjoe

Have you seen this man? I wouldn’t care if this man had the IQ of a peanut, I’d still give him all my love (if he weren’t already married to the beautiful Nicole Ari Parker, of course). There’s a lot more to this hunk than a pretty face, though. He is the proud father of Sophie, 3, and Nicolas, 2. Sophie was born with spina bifida, the most common (and an incredibly debilitating) birth defect in the US.

The couple is working hard to raise the $1.8 million necessary to give 10 children the opportunity for a new treatment. The outcome of the children’s success stories will mean that 100 or more children would receive federally funded treatment as phase two of the study, and would also mean that scientists would be that much closer to a cure that would mean that the eight babies a day born with this disease would have the opportunity to live normal lives. His positive attitude and drive to better the world push him to the top of our hot celebrity hubbies list.

Boris Kodjoe


3Simon Baker

There’s no way we can stop including super-hot and super-sweet Simon Baker in all of our sexy celebrity lists. He’s irresistible. His wife, Rebecca Riggs, thinks so, too. They met playing opposite each other on an Australian soap opera and have been married since 1998.

What you may not know about Simon is that one of his early jobs, after careers in nursing, bricklaying, poolboying and working in a pub, was dancing in a music video for Australian pop star Melissa Tkautzs and then playing a shirtless, hip-thrusting backup singer/dancer in the dance video ‘Love You Right’ by Euphoria.

Simon Baker


4David Beckham

On his own, David Beckham is noteworthy, but with Victoria, the former British pop star Posh Spice of the Spice Girls, he is absolutely mouth-watering. The couple is truly dynamic. They are the envy of the world not only for their lean sporty figures and pretty faces, but for their unmistakable electric chemistry that seems to emanate from them 24/7. It’s one thing for models to pose in suggestive photos, but it’s much sexier when the couple in the photo is truly hot for each other. This couple could sell anything to anyone with their ads!

David Beckham


5Taye Diggs

Someone might want to marry Taye Diggs just so they could walk down the street with this delicacy, but Idina Menzel got a lot more than just arm candy with this one. He is said to be incredibly compassionate and intuitive, to the point that he seems to be able to read the minds of those around him. He can’t stand to see anyone (humans and animals alike) hurting, and goes to great lengths to extend a helping hand to those in need. His passion for life and love is evident in his eyes as well as his actions.




Taye Diggs


6Hugh Jackman

How is it that some men in Hollywood only get more attractive with age (he’s 40)? Does that happen in life outside of Hollywood, by the way? I sure hope so. Jackman’s beefy bod and bright white smile were enough to earn him the title of the Sexiest Man Alive, but it’s the presence of his lovely wife and sweet little kids that bring out his unsurpassable appeal. He’s the celebrity dad who really plays with his kids. He cuddles them and runs with them. He laughs and talks with them. And let’s be honest, ladies, there is nothing sexier than a man loving his children!

You might expect that a man of Hugh’s fame and stature might hook up with some model in her twenties, but his heart belongs to longtime spouse, 49-year-old Deborra-Lee Furness. And that kind of devotion is super-sexy.

Hugh Jackman


7George Clooney

We drool over George’s dashing good looks, but we really fell in love with him when he for his romance with a gorgeous Las Vegas cocktail waitress a few years back. Instead of being sad because it looked like that was one more hunk off the market, our dreams of real-life romantic comedies are confirmed.

An ultra-talented actor and director, Clooney’s also known for his humanitarian work, including helping victims of the Haiti earthquake, and we love his good-humored take on stardom.

George Clooney


8Will Smith

It’s no surprise that Will Smith is on our Hot Hubbies list, I’m sure. He may be one of the very few celebrities that hasn’t ever compromised his integrity for fame or money. His smile, his humble heart, and his devotion for his wife, Jada Pinkett, are absolutely sincere. Together, they make this world a better place through outreach work, living by example, and even the roles they choose. As for Will and his hotness, those make-me-wanna-do-naughty-things shoulders and darling dimples are just icing on the cake of his greatness as a man.

Will Smith


9Gavin Rossdale

Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani are two famous pop/rock/punk artists who met on tour, stayed friends for years, then finally tied the knot in 2002. One of their secret methods of keeping the love alive is having ‘Naked Sundays.’ These ridiculously beautiful, successful, famous, talented superstars are still just two people putting in the work to stay happy in love.

Naked Sundays may not sound like work to you, but prioritizing fun and romance isn’t always easy for busy couples with limited time on their schedule. Gavin and Gwen are a good example for us all. They are making the choice to connect in a fun and special way so that they don’t grow apart and wonder what happened.

Gavin Rossdale


10Mark Ruffalo

Mark has matured from darling to delicious, and the loving relationship he has with his wife, Sunrise Coigney, is surely what’s done it. Sometimes, all it takes to push a man from mere cuteness to the glory of sensual virility is the love of a good woman. Mark knows what he wants and won’t let anything get in his way, not even a brain tumor. Mark survived brain surgery and facial paralysis in 2002 and carried on to increase his fame, have a few more kids and win our hearts.

Mark Ruffalo

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