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What to do when you’re dating a guy’s guy

A guy’s guy is characterized by being confident, competent, masculine, intelligent and very down-to-earth. Men look up to him and women are attracted to him. He is comfortable around anyone, anywhere. You will see a guy’s guy playing pool in a local bar one night and at the opera the next night, enjoying each situation. Most of all, a guy’s guy is always a gentleman. He admires and respects women. A woman who dates a guy’s guy needs to be as flexible as he is and enjoy a variety of experiences.

Woman dating a guys guy

Date night outfit when out with a guy’s guy

Because a guy’s guy is outwardly masculine, he enjoys a woman who is feminine yet worldly. He needs a partner who will truly enjoy many of his interests along with him, be it camping, fishing, hunting or dancing and dining out in the most exclusive restaurants. For a dressy date, wear an elegant dress that is not too short and not too tight. A sheath dress almost to the knee or a silky flared skirt will be more to his liking along with a pair of elegant pumps or strappy sandals. Spice up a simple dress with a soft leather jacket or sequined sweater. For a casual date, maybe a day out boating or golfing, wear a pair of Capri pants, flirty tee or tank and sneakers or flats. Leave hair smooth and loose or pull up in an easy ponytail. Bring along a cute hat – you know he’ll be wearing one too.

Make-up style

A guy’s guy likes the woman on his arm to look stylish and chic. For an elegant evening out, choose the latest in make-up styles in colors that complement your skin tone. Brighten it up a little with frost eye shadow in the tan, brown or plum color and add smoky eyeliner with a light hand. Finish off with mascara and lip gloss in pink, plum or red, whichever color fits your skin type. For a more casual look, tone down the eye shadow and eyeliner and wear a more natural lip gloss in a soft pink or mocha color.

Conversation topics

Conversing with a guy’s guy should be easy – due to his modesty he will show interest in you and try to keep the conversation more about you than him. But you will want to get to know him better to, so ask him about his favorite activities, his work and the places he’s been. These simple conversation starters will lead even more questions that you can ask in order to get to know him better.

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