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What to do when you’re dating an intellectual guy

An intellectual guy likes a woman who can hold her own in an intelligent conversation yet look pretty at the same time. He’s more likely to hang out in an upscale coffee shop than to go clubbing and hitting back shots. His favorite dress clothes are cotton trousers and a button-down shirt and maybe a sport’s jacket. He’s more interested in the latest literary novel than in what the Jersey Shore kids are up to on television. Here are tips on how to prepare for a date with an intellectual guy.

Dating a smart guy

Date night outfit

An intellectual guy isn’t going to be impressed by a woman who shows too much skin and wears six-inch heels, so you’ll want a toned-down look to fit his. If you are meeting casually at his favorite coffee shop, slip on a pair of cotton trousers, a soft blouse or pullover sweater and your favorite flats. For a dressier date, try a pair of dress slacks or a pencil skirt with a matching jacket and a satin tank underneath. A sheath dress that hits at the knees is another option if you want to look dignified yet show off your curves at the same time. A pair of low-heeled sling backs would be perfect with either outfit.

Make-up style

Understated make-up would be better suited for a date with an intellectual man. For a casual date, stick to light foundation, soft blush, a hint of eye shadow, a touch of mascara and a soft-colored lip color. If he is taking you out on the town, add a little more color, line your eyes and brighten your lip color. Try staying with softer tones that suit your complexion. You want him to be listening intently to what you have to say, not blinded by your bright red lipstick.

Conversation topics

Intellectual guys are generally well-versed in a variety of topics so finding something you can both talk about should not be an issue. Ask him about books he’s read recently, the most interesting place he’s ever visited or why he choose his career field. Share with him a few topics that interest you to see if you have any interests in common. Try to stick to safe topics and avoid any political or religious discussions or you may not make it to date number two.

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