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What to do when you’re dating an athletic guy

Athletic guys tend to prefer women who enjoy working out, participate in one or more sports and who aren’t always obsessed with their hair or make-up. Yes, they do want their women to look nice, even beautiful and sexy, but she has to be okay with riding on the back of a motorcycle or not worried about having the convertible’s top down. Here are some tips when dating an athletic guy.

Woman dating athletic man

1Date night outfit when dating an athletic guy

On a first date with an athletic guy, keep your outfit simple. A pair of nice jeans and a silky tank top with a light sweater or jacket is perfect for a casual date. Wear flats, low-heeled boots or a low-heeled sandal. For a more formal evening out, wear a short dress with a flared skirt, tights and high-heeled pumps. Comfort and ease of movement is the key when dressing for a date with an athletic guy because you never know what he’s going to pull out of his sleeve – an impromptu game of one-on-one or a casual stroll in the park – at the end of the date.

2Make-up look athletic guys like

Keep make-up simple when dating an athletic guy. He’ll be turned off if you show up wearing inch-thick make-up, heavy false eyelashes and glittery eye shadow. And if you have to keep checking your make-up during the night, there won’t be a second date. For a casual date, wear a light foundation, soft eyeliner and mascara to bring out your eyes. Stick to natural colors that blend well with your skin. Make-up that is waterproof and has sun block may be a good idea if you are going to be outside. If the date is more formal, add a soft eye shadow, a little darker eyeliner, blush, and a natural lip gloss. The goal is to highlight your beauty, not cover it up. Keep hair simple too – leave it down, pull it into a neat ponytail or up into a simple knot.

3Conversation topics

Athletic guys are generally outgoing, confident men who enjoy the outdoors and some type of sport. Topics that are sure to open up the conversation are questions about what he does for a living, what his favorite sport is and places he enjoys going to on vacation. Hopefully, he will ask a few questions of his own to get to know you better to.

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