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7 Secrets of the male mind

Stop the presses—men and women are different!  If we didn’t believe that sales wouldn’t be so good for books like “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”.  We may have the same goals and aspirations in mind but the paths our minds take to get us there are different. Men’s and women’s brains are wired differently.  That means we process information differently.  Good to know as it will clue you in to why, for example, he may not remember your anniversary.  It has nothing to do with not caring.

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1. Memory

Men and women use different parts of their brains to form memories. Men tend to have more tactical/visual memories while women have a large emotional component to the formation of memories. If he doesn’t remember your anniversary it’s not necessarily because he doesn’t care. Emotion doesn’t help his brain create memories. Visual images do. If you want to help him remember give him visual cues.

2. Listening

Men use one side of their brain to listen while women use both. If you think he’s only got half his mind on what you’re saying, you’re right. That’s the way the male mind listens. Don’t make it worse by trying to tell him something important while he’s watching the game! If he’s looking at you while you’re talking to him it will help anchor the conversation.

3. Emotion

Studies have shown that males actually have stronger emotional reactions than women. However, through repeated practice males learn to mask their emotional responses. Coupled with their natural inclination to analyze and find a solution, male stoicism may leave females thinking men are insensitive when they’re really trying to relieve our emotional distress by finding a solution to the problem because they care.

4. Crying

Men have smaller tear ducts than women and about 60% less prolactin than women, a hormone that stimulates crying. Males are designed to respond to and express emotion differently than females.

5. Testosterone

The male brain is bathed in testosterone which enhances aggression and competitiveness and less serotonin, a calming chemical, than females brains do. .

6. Pain

Women complain of pain on average more frequently throughout their lives. Men respond to pain analytically while women respond emotionally. In studies comparing how long the sexes can endure pain, males always last longer.

7. Defense

The male brain has special circuits to detect territorial challenges from other males. With a larger amygdala than the female, the male brain is more alert to potential threats, and danger.

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