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Quiz: Are you really in love?

Falling in love isn’t the same for everyone and sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference between true love, a crush or just plain lust. Even though the signs vary from person to person, there are a few lovesick symptoms that most people share. If you answer yes to at least four of the following questions, you can almost bet that you are really in love.

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1Have you lost your appetite?

Often, people in the beginning stages of love are so distracted by their happiness that they forget to eat or don’t feel hungry. Some believe it is an unconscious behavior to lose weight for your new loved one while others believe it is simply because your mind is focusing on your feelings of love and not on food. If you’ve lost your appetite, you may be in love.

2Are you ridiculously happy?

Do you find happiness in everything you do, even mundane things like laundry or cleaning the bathroom? Maybe work no longer seems stressful and you float through your days looking at the glass half-full, much to your co-workers’ annoyance. When you’re in love, the world suddenly looks like a happy, cheerful place and you want everyone to share in your joy. If you find yourself insanely happy, you just may be in love.

3Are you tolerant of habits that otherwise annoy you?

Your co-worker hums constantly and it absolutely annoys you, but when your partner hums, you consider it one of his cute quirks. Or your boss finishes your sentences and you find it rude but when you boyfriend does it, you think it’s so sweet how well he knows you. People in love will tolerate small annoyances from their partner that would otherwise drive them crazy if it were someone else. If you find your partner’s quirks to be cute, you must be in love.

4Do you spend large chunks of time daydreaming?

When you’re in love, it’s difficult to concentrate on everyday tasks and easy to spend time daydreaming about your loved one. You picture the two of you doing everything together from a midnight stroll in the park to painting your living room, and all of it is more fun because you are doing it together. You may even be daydreaming about your future, your wedding and even what your children will look like. If you are already dreaming about your wedding dress, you just may be in love.

5Are you able to be your true self around your partner?

Most people try to look their absolute best at the beginning of a relationship and try to be polite and sound intelligent. If you are comfortable enough to wear your worst pair of sweatpants, no make-up and your hair in a messy ponytail around your partner and he still smiles adoringly at you, you both must be in love. You don’t feel the need to put on pretenses any longer. If your partner knows your true self — that you love to sleep in, watch reality television shows and never make your bed, and you feel comfortable with him knowing this, than you must be in love.

6Does being together feel completely right?

Do you feel as if you’ve never felt more at ease, safe or comfortable with anyone else except your partner? True love shouldn’t feel forced and you shouldn’t feel on edge all the time around the person you love. If this person makes you feel like being together is completely right, than you must be in love.

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