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6 First date dos and don’ts

First dates are never easy but are necessary if you ever want to go on a second date. Your goal during a first date is to share just enough information to determine if you have anything in common and see if there is enough physical attraction to want to go on a second date. If you can also have fun and enjoy the evening, that’s a plus. Here are 6 first date dos and don’ts to consider before going on that first date.

first date tips

Do be on time and look well-groomed

It is rude to make your date wait for you and can cause your evening to start off on a negative note. Likewise with how you look. Make sure you are dressed appropriately with no rumpled shirt or jacket or no low-cut top or short skirt. First impressions are important and you don’t want to immediately turn off the person you are meeting by showing up late or dressing sloppy or inappropriately.

Don’t tell your life story on the first date

When you are nervous or there is a lapse in the conversation, it is easy to start babbling on and on about your life, how you hate you job or how you broke up with your last boyfriend, but please restrain yourself. While you want to share some information about yourself and learn more about your date, refrain from sharing too much. You want your date to learn just enough to want to ask you out again but not so much that you scare him away.

Do show your true self

Make sure to stay true to who you are instead of trying to be the person you think your date will like. If you smoke and your date doesn’t, don’t purposely try to hide that fact. If you don’t like sports and your date wants to take you to a game, don’t pretend to like sports just to please him. Be honest about who you are because if you do continue to date, he will find out the truth sooner or later.

Don’t answer your cell phone during the date

If you are trying to make a good impression on your first date, then don’t answer the cell phone during the date. You want to give your full attention to the other person and not be talking on the phone to friends. Turn your phone off, or at the very least, mute it, and let your calls go to voice mail.

Do be attentive and listen

The first date is your one chance to really get to know the other person enough to decide if you should consider seeing him again or not. Be attentive and listen to what your date says, ask questions when there is a lull in the conversation and offer some information about yourself that you think he might find interesting. This first conversation will be the determining factor in whether or not there will be a date number two.

Don’t place yourself in an unsafe position

The most important tip for first dates is to play it safe. A first date generally means you don’t know the person very well, so don’t place yourself in a position where you are not safe. Meet your date at the designated place so you have your own transportation. Don’t drink too much alcohol so you have a clear head and are able to make sound decisions and don’t agree to go to his place that first night. If he truly is Mr. Right, you will have all the fun of getting to know him better on future dates.


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