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What his body language really means

Men don’t always say what’s on their mind so understanding a man’s body language can give you insight into what he is thinking. This can be especially important when you are on a first date or at the beginning of a relationship. Is he really interested in you or looking over your shoulder for the next best thing? Find out by following these tips on reading his body language.

learn to read his body language

Making eye contact

If he’s looking you in the eye when you are together, giving you his undivided attention, then he is really into you. Men will give you one-hundred percent of their attention if they are interested. However, if he is constantly looking past you or around the room while you are with him, he isn’t paying you the attention you deserve and probably isn’t as interested in you as you are in him.

Arms crossed or slouching when he sits

When a man has his arms crossed in front of him it is a classic sign he is being defensive or not open towards you. Having both hands in his pockets gives the same negative signal as crossing his arms. And if he is slouching in his seat on the first date, don’t bother with a second. If a man is receptive towards you, he will sit up straight and look attentive. If he is slouching, he just doesn’t care if you like him or not.

Leans in closer or gently touches you

If your man is leaning in closer towards you, then he is definitely giving you his full attention and wants to feel closer to you. He may even brush up against your arm or place his hand at the small of your back when you are walking together just to get closer to you. This is a good sign as long as you are receptive to his touch. However, if he is getting grabby and you’ve just met him, it may be a sign he is only after a quick fling and isn’t really interested in you for the long-term.

Rubbing the back of his neck or fidgeting

When a man is rubbing the back of his neck it usually means he is tired or bored. If he’s also fidgeting, moving around in his seat, checking his cell phone or shifting from one leg to another, then he really isn’t all that interested in what you are saying to him. If you can’t seem to hold his attention, it’s probably a good time to call it a night.

Touching his face

A man will begin to touch his face when he is interested in a woman. When a man feels attraction to a woman, his facial areas become more sensitive. He may touch his cheeks, rub his chin, tug his ears or touch his lips as a way of drawing your attention to his face. Taking sips of his drink often is also a sure sign that he is interested in you.

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