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6 Signs he’s about to propose

Are you cluing into signs he’s about to propose?

Are there wedding bells in your future? If you think that your guy is about to propose, here are some clues to look for:


He’s being a lot more frugal. Unless he’s talked about an upcoming large purchase – a home, a new car – chances are he’s saving for your ring. A change in spending habits is a good indication that he has a plan. He might be stashing cash for the engagement ring and the honeymoon.


He’s taken a sudden interest in the type of jewelry you like, or making comments about other women’s jewelry and paying attention to your responses. Could be he’s just doing research before selecting the perfect ring to offer you. If he hasn’t shown much interest before, this new attempt to learn your preferences is a tip.


Is he planning a special outing for the two of you? Notice how attentive he is to every detail…especially if that’s not his normal behavior. He may seem more insistant that you go to a special romantic restaurant, or be somewhere at a very specific time. The bigger his plans, the more details he’s juggling. If your guy is casual and easy-going, a special event could be in the works.

baby talk

He notices kids all the time now, and talks about how cute they are. He tells you he hopes to have children of his own. The more he discusses his future family life, the more certain you can be that he intends to make you part of it.


He wants the two of you to visit your family. Could be he needs the opportunity to talk to them in person and ask for your hand in marriage. If he’s an old-fashioned guy he’ll want to do it right and let those nearest and dearest to you know that he plans to propose.

sizing it

Are you missing a ring? He needs to know your size…so he might ask you, or try to trick you, or more simply just snatch that piece of your jewelry to be certain he gets it right! A smart man wants to be sure that the engagement ring is a perfect fit for the woman he loves.

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