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8 Signs your relationship is over

Do you think the love has gone? Here are some clues that signal the end of any relationship.

signs that its time to break up


All relationships have their ups and downs, but boredom is a killer and a signal that the thrill is gone. If you’re unable to keep it exciting and fresh, it’s just no fun.


When a relationship is new you crave time together. If you’re more interested in having time alone than in spending time with your partner, it’s time to reevaluate why.


Are the two of you a team? In a serious, committed relationship the partners know how to reach each other ar any time of the day or night. When one part of the duo starts talking about their need for privacy and space, it’s a signal that the end is just ahead.

i love you

If you’re serious about your mate it shouldn’t be a problem expressing your feelings. A partner who is unable or unwilling to give you the words – I love you – is not committed or open to a long-term relationship.


Do you fight about inconsequential things, or do you hold grudges against each other? Senseless fighting and having a chip on your shoulder are signs that the relationship is eroding.


A relationship can’t last if there isn’t mutual trust. If you’re paranoid about your partner’s behavior, maybe there’s a reason. If there isn’t a reason, the constant checking and questioning is enough to kill the relationship. Have some faith or call it quits.


Don’t start a relationship if you’re not over your ex – and don’t be in a new relationship with a partner who still has unresolved feelings for a past love. You have to be ready for a new start, and that means being over your previous relationship. Don’t bring baggage from a failed love affair into a new one.


If your partner is committed to you, they should be proud to introduce you to their friends and family. Do you know the people who matter the most to your mate? A person who cares about you will want to know your nearest and dearest, and have you know theirs.

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