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5 Ways to show him your sexy side

Make some changes to add sizzle to your relationship

Woman wearing red lingerie

Boosting your own sexual confidence will help you show your man a new sexy side. Want to heat things up? Little changes can be big sexual turn-ons for both of you!

1. Take control

What do men want? Most wish that their partner would take control more often. When he comes home, meet him at the door wearing just a trench coat and make him really happy that his long day at the office is over! Initiate and take the lead for a sexy evening. Tell him exactly what you’re going to do with him, and follow through.

2. Add some spice

Sex doesn’t always have to take place in the bedroom. Plan an encounter with a little spice … at his office, in the kitchen, a hotel, even in the car. You certainly don’t want to get caught in public, but a dab of danger is a surprisingly exciting twist that he’ll love.

3. Share a fantasy

Get in touch with what you want. In a trusting relationship you can show your sexy side by simply letting your partner know your sexual secrets and fantasies. Sharing a fantasy shows trust and is a bond to deeper intimacy. He has secret desires, too, and will feel encouraged to share those with you.

4. Dress it up

Of course you’ll continue to dress appropriately for the office, but there’s no rule that says you can’t up your sexy style with fabulous lingerie under your business suit, or with a lacy thong under your workout clothes. Something a little naughty will make you feel sexy all day, and be a nice surprise when your partner gets – oops – a teasing glimpse of what you’re wearing.

5. Talk about it

Hearing erotic words can trigger sexual excitement – it actually stimulates dopamine levels. Even if you feel shy about it, you can start by telling your partner what you love about his body – he’ll take it from there! Call him at the office and let him know you’re imagining being there with him – door locked and making love on the desk. Or tell him you’d like to blindfold him and let him learn your body by touch.

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