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Ultimate romantic gestures

Here’s a great list from Loving You readers on what they think are the ultimate romantic gestures.

In a weekly question we asked Loving You members, “What woud you consider to be the ‘ulitmate’ romantic gesture?” We compiled 90 unique answers for you to get some inspiration in creating your own “ultimate” gesture! You can view the first set of responses below.
1. When a guy isn’t afraid to show his feelings towards his girlfriend in front of his friends. When he is affectionate to the world. He don’t care who sees him with her. And when the guy says I love you for no reason at all. ~Sara

2. I think that the ultimate romantic gesture would be a loving card with a rose. Or simply giving someone special a back rub without being asked to. ~Denise

3. To come home after a long, hard days work, and find petals strewn all over the floor in a trail leading to the bathroom where a lovely hot bubble bath awaits, with a bottle of champagne….then after the bath a massage with ylang-ylang oil, followed by a long session of love-making… ~Samantha

4. Going to a strange bar where there is no dance floor and knowing no one. Then playing some slow music on the juke box and dancing slowly together in the aisle, not caring who is watching. ~Dave

5. Sitting, cuddled together, by a roaring fire, listening to the sounds of the fire. Needing to Say nothing, we just entwine our two heartbeats as one… ~Vicky

6. My favorite thing to do with my parter is to pack the car with a blanket, two wine glasses, a basket of strawberries, and a bottle of shiraz or merlot and find an abandoned, romantic area for some alone time. ~Todd R.

7. There are so many things romantic that it’s hard choosing one that “ultimate”, but for me, the ultimate would simply be growing old together. ~Heather

8. The most romantic gesture would be if a guy who I really liked but wasn’t dating came and picked me up in my dream car, a Mitshbishi Eclipse. In the backseat would be the most gorgeous red satin dress and a circlet of red roses. He’d let me put on the dress and then he’d give me the best perfume, diamond watch and jewelry, and a box of Godiva chocolates. He’d take me to a romantic restaurant by the sea. Then he would start singing the song “Say It” by Voices of Theory in front of everyone in the restaurant. Then, we’d go outside and walk on the beach holding hands and he’d tell me not to worry about the dress getting dirty because he’d buy me 20 new ones if I wanted them. Then, underneath shallow moonlight with silvery highlighted waves crashing against the shore and turning into bubbly foam, he’d kiss me. And it’d seem as though the kiss would never end because it would be so absolutely perfect. And that would be the most romantic gesture. ~Kenya

9. This is not exactly original, but it is romantic. The ultimate romantic gesture would be if my honey serenaded me under my window accompanied by a string ensemble. ~Zahra

10. Having my husband out of the blue ask me on a date. Show up at the door with flowers and have a romantic evening planned. ~donnakennedy


11. Feeding each other any type of food, but strawberries are the best! ~traci

12. I think getting all dressed up… decorating a room with lots of romantic things like candles and flowers … than having homemade cooking with your lover, while nice romantic music is playing.. and of course it would be night time!! ~Lynn Nguyen

13. My husband is stationed over seas and I haven’t seen him for a year. This year on my birthday he sent my mother a dozen roses and the attached card read “Thank you for giving me my love”. This meant more to me than any other gift could ever have. ~Sharon Blackburn

14. The unexpected little things i.e. little love notes, calls @ work to say how is day, I love you, and little gifts (things that remind us of each other). ~Allison Pitts

15. A candlelight dinner that he himself has cooked, with the perfect selection of wine… A bubbling hot tub nearby…Kenny G playing softly in the background… The man dressed all in white… etc. etc. ~Vonda Smith

16. I think if it were raining and my man were gallant enough to carry me and an umbrella to the car a/o house that would be the ultimate. ~Rachel

17. A sensual massage when one is tired. ~Sneha Desai

18. Well, a couple of years ago, I was sleeping on a Saturday morning and I thought I heard someone walking in my room, so I rolled over and just as I opened my eyes, my boyfriend stuck a yellow rose (the color I luv!) in my nose and said, “I Love You” That made me melt! ~Amanda Weber

19. Having a star named after me by my lover. ~Jessica Koehler

20. A trip to a romantic city e.g Italy/Paris. ~Anna

21. A ride in a limo to some romantic place with some wonderful guy promising his undying love for me forever and only me. ~Anonymous

22. The ultimate romantic gesture is also the simplest… saying I love you and meaning it from the heart. The first time my fiancee said he loved me, I felt so loved and beautiful. Nothing can ever top that feeling. ~Jess

23. The ultimate romantic gesture to me would be for my love to take me in his arms and slow dance with me AND LIKE IT. ~missy

24. I would want my boyfriend to take me to the side of a creek, a cleared spot, with a candlelight picnic. I would love to dance with him from a tiny radio, under the stars and cuddle up around a fire. That would be the ultimate romantic gesture. ~Mandy Weaver

25. Holding hands or just holding each other. Especially if it’s in front of a nice warm fire. You can warm each other up. ~Sonia G

26. Look Deeply into the other person’s eyes, and tell them how much you love them and how much you need them. ~Ashley

27. Watching a falling star out in the country and making a wish on it at the exact same time. ~Angie Von Pageler

28. A well planned proposal… Like a billboard proclaiming your love… maybe the man or woman can send a care package too… maybe if you live with them send them a card through the mail anyway. ~Dusty

29. A full day of being pampered,loved and cared for,followed by a romantic candlelight dinner cooked by my SO and a passionate night of lovemaking while listening to the rain and wind. ~Gail Mooney

30. Spend time with each other. Because when one of you is gone, it will rip you apart. ~Roxanna


31. Personally bathing one’s wife in a warm and fragrant bath, gently drying her off, putting a fresh flower in her hair, carrying her to bed, and making love on a rainy afternoon while Whitney H. sings…’I’ll always love you”. Daytime lovin’ of nighttime lovers is hard to beat. ~George Buford Clark

32. That your love for your mate is reflected in everything you say and do. Your eyes should not only be a window to your soul and but also a reflection of your love for your mate. ~Glenn

33. one single budding rose, kissed before giving, along with an impromptu picnic in front of the fireplace. ~Olga

34. A rose and a kiss on the cheek. ~annie

35. Looking into their eyes and hearing them say, “I love you.” and knowing they actually mean it! ~Rosie Hart

36. Either a nice sweet kiss from the man I love or a gentle touch that makes me melt everywhere. ~Firefly

37. To have your loved one show-up unexpectedly… ~E. Zingaro

38. To be held so tight that you feel safe, with a warm embrace, completeness. ~deb

39. I think, if the guy you are dating or are married to, shows up at your door, or work with a rose just to say I love you. or just saying I love you in front of other people. ~Danielle

40. If a guy asked me out for a candlelight dinner. And gave me roses when he picked me up and later after dinner went for a walk on the beach or where there is nice scenery. And then took me home, opened the car door for me, and walked me to my door and kissed me good night. ~Amanda Lampman

41. I think the most romantic gesture would be having the guy bring you flowers, and confronting you with “I like you.” that would get my attention! 🙂 ~Meghan Dussia

42. I think a very romantic gesture, is when someone who loves someone very very much, gives them up because they care more about the other person and what would make them happy, than about their own happiness. ~Allison

43. For my boyfriend to have a romantic dinner, complete with flowers and candles, waiting for me when I come home from work. ~Leanne Thiel

44. A touch!! ~kathy castillo

45. Looking in her eyes, saying how much you love her, then a kiss on her lips, with a warm hug. All sincerely & truthfully from your heart. ~Aaron

46. The ultimate romantic gesture is to be presented with one single rose, at no special time, for no special reason. I like receiving one single rose, because it is much sexier, and less expensive, and hopefully that way you will get them more often. ~Nancy

47. Sitting by the river with your loved one alone in each other’s arms. ~Allison

48. The perfect day and night! Start with grabbing a latte or something, walk around by the waterfront, in the park, to some event (basically anything) anything that is going on that day. Then get all dressed up while your date makes you dinner by candlelight. After dinner, slow dancing, a surprise of flowers, an elegant desert, a lot of sweet talking, and falling in love. ~Anja

49. Ok the ultimate romantic gesture I think would be. Like if I came home from a hard days work and the dishes were done and the house was clean and dinner was made,* not very romantic to most people* but I would find it terribly romantic, for him to just listen on how my day went I mean not just hear me but really listen like if I asked him to repeat it back he could tell me word for word. That would be the ultimate romantic gesture. For me anyways. ~Kimberly

50. My lover pays a surprise visit with a bunch of red roses and a solitaire ring that smugly fits my ring finger and proposes marriage and two kids to me and then takes me out to an exotic candle light dinner in a beautiful house of our own on the terrace on a full moon night. ~Vibha Gupta


51. A surprise weekend away where i didn’t have to lift a finger to do anything and could be pampered till my hearts content. ~Kathy

52. That he kisses me while i’m trying to argue with him about something little. ~Lonely

53. To be awakened by my lovers gentle kisses. Kinda hard though since he is 1300 miles away, but would sweep me off my feet. ~amitay

54. If your love one will surprise you with a trip to a romantic island and when you get there the room will be filled with roses and different flowers a champagne bottle and him with a bow. ~Mayra Taveras

55. A whole night planned out for me when I least expect it. Flowers, dinner at home or a restaurant I like, and star gazing, fishing, or another outside activity I like. Lots of cuddling, some kind of desert, and best of all just me and my love. ~Tabitha Thomas

56. Respecting me when I say I am not ready, but holding and kissing me! ~Melissa Richman


58. To elope. ~Susan pessarra

59. When my love looks deep into my eyes and tells me that he loves me. ~Heather

60. The ultimate romantic gesture would be…just telling someone that you need them. That’s hard to admit to someone, kind of like throwing yourself to the wolves. Just letting go of your insecurities and telling someone that you depend on them…it takes courage, and a lot of love. ~nycole

61. I think it would be nice if a guy makes you dinner w/ candles and your favorite song. ~Brandy

62. Just holding you for hours! ~amber

63. Out of the blue, my boyfriend would take my hand, kiss me and tell me he loves me. ~Valerie

64. For the past few months I have been sick with mono. My boyfriend would come and spend an hour with me just to keep me company. His “ultimate” romantic gesture was to bring a single rose to remind me that he loves me, a cd of love songs and a teddy bear to keep me company. Just his thoughts helped. ~Tara

65. A kiss is very romantic! It symbolizes the love that you have for each other. BUT I think that the “ULTIMATE” gesture that 2 people can share is making love!!! ~Ashley

66. Waking up early on a saturday morning to surprise my love with breakfast in bed. After he is done eating I would give him a nice relaxing massage and then spend hours in bed with talking, laughing and whatever else comes to mind. 🙂 ~Wendy

67. Would be a romantic date something like this… On the roof of a building down on one knee proposing your love to your sweetheart while the sun sets as she sips from her wine glass and watches the 2 fragile roses in the crystal clear vase staring into each other’s eyes each knowing that the other love’s him/her. ~Matt

68. A day away from it all with just my love and me. Soft music and candlelight is all we need. ~Germy

69. The ultimate romantic gesture for me would b that my man would make a tape of all of our romantic songs in which we had or something happened between us while those songs were playing! ~giovanna

70. Imagine this… dressed in armor (midevil times)… riding his horse to the place where the one he luvs is… dismounting… bowing to his lady… handing her wild flowers… then he resting on one knee… taking her hand… *kissing the back of her hand*… asking if she would take him in marriage… ~Randy


71. Knowing that my fiance went shopping with me in mind, and came home with a really nice silk night gown or something like that. ~kirsten

72. To have someone who is not poetic or creative in that way try to write you a poem because they know how much you’d love it! ~Kim

73. I was sleeping one morning and my boyfriend came and woke me up to take me out to lunch. he gave me a dozen roses and a card saying how much he loved me. ~Amy Collins

74. My name is Florencia and I would be completely in awe if my boyfriend did not watch his monday night Nitro to take me to a beautiful restaurant and afterwards the symphony or opera….wow ….that , I know would be tough for him because he hates both, but if I can go to wrestling shows with him…and I have twice..and if I go to see ACDC and Queensryche.. then that would be my wish as the ‘ultimate’ romantic gesture! wow! ~Florencia Turco

75. The ultimate romantic gesture is for a woman to approach a guy to spend time together. In today’s society, women never do anything and the way it is, unless the guy does all the work and planning, the relationship will wither away like an unwatered rose. When a girl contacts a guy to spend an evening together, that has to be the ultimate romantic gesture. ~Bishop

76. Having her/him look deep into your eyes while holding you, then saying “I love you.” ~Erin

77. One of the most romantic things my husband ever did for me was while we were still dating. We lived 4 hours away from each other and only saw each other on weekends for a very long time. I checked my answering machine one night after work to find the song “I can love you like that” playing on the machine. He had recorded the whole song on the machine and ended the message with “I can love you like that baby, just wait and see”. Needless to say, I was very moved by that much so that I never erased that tape. He’s been “loving me like that” ever since. ~Denise

78. To blow each other a kiss. ~Larry Williams

79. I think the ultimate romantic gesture would be to give up everything you know and love to be near the person that you love. ~trish


81. I don’t know what the ultimate romantic gesture would be, but my boyfriend one wrote “I love –” on his back in permanent marker at a track meet for everyone to see! ~Asheley

82. Sending flowers to the one you love just because you want to at a time where they are most stressed, or least expect it, and where they least expect it. ~Anonymous

83. For your love to show up unexpectedly with roses in hand when he lives hours away saying “I couldn’t go another night without seeing you.” ~Angie

84. The “Ultimate” romantic gesture, I think is to surprise the one you love when they don’t expect to see you. Like at work, school, etc. It can also be enhanced by a gift like flowers or a card. ~Tracy Barnett

85. I think the ultimate romantic gesture would be something that is taken on by surprise. Do something for the one you love that is unexpected and out of line. What I did is walk 3 miles in a downpour of rain to a store and bought a rose and a box of chocolates and walked to her house. I knocked on the door, and when she opened it, I said, “Rain, snow, sleet, or hail could never stop me from being with you.” ~Ramone

86. Caressing your partner with a light, smooth rub on his/her back and giving a tender, loving sweetest kiss. ~Mikaela

87. A surprise candlelight dinner cooked by him, especially for me, followed by a rented movie so that we can just stay in and cuddle. ~Tracey

88. Giving me a massage from head to toe. ~Lana

89. Well living in Australia, the latest news sensation is the rugby league player, Solomon Homonou, who left Sydney and put a $200,000 contract in jeopardy to fly to England to be with his girlfriend!! ~Shabiby

90. In a crowd of people he just confesses his/her love for you, so everyone knows that that individual is your baby. ~Nikki

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