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Romantic baths for two

Your partner will never forget your time together with these uniquely romantic bath theme ideas!

Fun With Food



Fun With Food

Hot Chocolate Bath
Last Valentine’s Day, I bought a big can of generic brand hot chocolate and the big marshmallows. I ran a hot bath, mixed the hot chocolate in, and tossed in the bag of marshmallows. This is a fun and romantic way to take a bath together. Don’t be afraid to throw the marshmallows around, either!
–submitted by Anonymous

Coconut Milk
We have tried every type of bath salt, bath bomb and bubble bath that we could find, looking for the perfect experience. On a hunch, we tried a full can of coconut milk added to the bath water. It can be found in grocery stores in the Asian food section. It makes you as smooth all over as you would be with massage oil. It feels the best. It is our favorite. Also, you can cut pieces of mango and use them as a massager/scrubber in the tub with the coconut. Read additional notes about using coconut milk here.
–submitted by Anonymous

Fruitsation Bath
If you enjoy doing something different for your mate, this is it. Fill the tub with water and bubbles. Then, fill the top of the water with slices of lemon, orange and lime. Also, put a whole bunch of grapes in there. When your mate gets in the tub, they will be shocked, but they will enjoy what you do with the fruit. Use the fruit as your cleanser/sponge. It is very romantic. I did this for my boyfriend and he loved it. He got to eat while bathing and he got to be rubbed down with fruit, which was new to him. Trust me, it is a new experience that will be a great prelude to a night of passion.
–submitted by RomanticLover

Tea Bath
The classic bath for two just doesn’t cut it for my fiancé or myself. She loves fragrant herbal teas, so I decided that I would make a trip to the local tea/fudge shop to buy some loose tea. Jasmine is definitely a good choice. When I got home, my fiancé was grumpy, tired and irritable. That was when I decided to surprise her with a nice warm tea bath. Simply sprinkle an ample amount of loose tea into a hot bath. The fragrance is AMAZING (not to mention some plants do wonders for winter skin)! She loved it! –submitted by Anonymous

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