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Ideas for making up

Breaking up is hard. We asked Loving You readers to tell us what they did to get their exes back in their arms again.


Dinner On The Rocks
I had a big massive fight with my babe and I had to even things out. So I asked her out for dinner. I took her a sea shore and there on the rocks at night I had laid out a table for two with candlelight and wine. I had a guy from the local hotel nearby make a delicious meal right in front of us and I had a local musician play a violin for us. It was the best occasion in our lives cause we made up and are living happily ever after. -Jango

Giving Him Your Heart
After I caused a huge fight with my boyfriend I swallowed my pride had to prove to him how much he meant to me. I bought a single white rose and took it to his apartment. I gave it to him, telling him a white rose meant “I want to deserve you”, He softened up a little and we started talking. Halfway into the conversation I took the rose from him and started peeling off the petals, one by one. After I had taken off all the petals I gave it back to him telling him that the center of the rose was the most beautiful part because it meant I was giving him my heart. He still has both the petals and the stem… I still have him. -Anonymous

Making Amends
My boyfriend and I had both had long days at work and were being very snappy with each other over something or other. I decided to take a bubble bath and relax, hoping we would both have time to get over it. I settled into the bath, when I heard a strange scratching sound. I looked around, and suddenly, out from behind the faucet knob comes a piece of paper. I pulled it out , and realized he had unscrewed the thing from inside our closet, which backs onto the bathroom. The note said, “I love you. I’m sorry I’m taking my bad day out on you. If you forgive me, knock once, if you don’t, knock twice”. I knocked once of course, and he came racing into the bathroom, and jumped into the tub… with all his clothes on. -Tommy’s Girl

Making Up
The last time my fianc” and I had a spat, I took 2 bags of Hershey’s kisses and scattered them all over the floor of our bedroom. When he entered the room after work that day, he found a card from me, telling him that I was sorry, and that I was “Kissing” the ground he walked on. He loved it so much that he took a photo of the kisses on the floor! -Cathy Dalton

Melt my heart
Once, during a little spat between my boyfriend & I, I decided it was time to swallow my pride, & try anything possible to smooth things over. I went to the store & bought a heart-shaped cake pan. I filled it with water that i had colored red with food coloring, & I also added little heart confetti in the water & froze the heart. I took a box & decorated it with red wrapping paper. Then cut out a bunch of paper hearts & glued them all over the box” inside & out. On each heart, i wrote down a love quote or a special little message to him. I also cut out things from magazines…little sayings that described our relationship & how I feel about him. I then placed the frozen heart in the box, covered it with tissue paper, put a love letter on top, & a little wooden heart I had bought at a craft store that i painted red & wrote: ‘you are the only one that can melt my heart’ on it. I then had a friend, dressed up as a delivery guy, rush it over to his house. He loved it… it definitely smoothed things over! He still has the wooden heart hanging on his wall, 3 years later… -Nikki

Peace offerings
It was our anniversary, and the week was full of tasks to finish for our graduation requirements. It completely slipped my mind. She got mad at me. The next day, I woke up very early to buy 42 flowers. Then I went to school very early and scattered 21 of the flowers all over her chair. I placed a note saying “I’m sorry I forgot about yesterday, but I’ll never regret loving you.” Then I went in to the room, and there I was, holding the 21 flowers, and looking at her yearning, then she ran to me and hugged me hard. -Anonymous

Repairing Love
One time, after a huge blow out fight with the love of my life (that was mainly my fault) I got so upset and ripped up tons of letters, drawings, all this stuff I had made for him. He was miserable that I had done that to our stuff and so was I. That night, I stayed up the entire night and put together every letter and every card and picture I had written him and printed it out on laminated (extra unrippable) paper. I taped them all over the bedroom wall and above it made a huge cutout butterfly with a bubble that said “Bon Giorno Prince” (like in Life is Beautiful) then he was all curled up in bed and I ran out to the store in the middle of the night and put a single rose next to his head. Needless to say, I was so exhausted from my night I fell asleep. The next morning he was so happy he “tried” to make me breakfast in bed. -Jessica

River Dance
One of my best friends sits by me everyday. He always tells me about what he does with his girlfriend. He told me that they had been in a fight one day, and she was ready to break up with him. He hasn’t ever showed much affection to a lot of people, but to her he does. He would do anything for her. He told me that he drove out to the river, and made her get out. He is a country fan, but for this occasion, he played a little more romantic song. He got out, and walked up to her, and asked her to dance. In the middle of the night, just those two, a river, song, and the headlights. I never knew he could be so sweet. I know that love with her will last forever, and I always love to hear all the romantic ideas he has. -Anonymous

Sentimental Surprises
I was having a bad day, and a person that I use to date, but is now a close friend caught me at the wrong time and unfortunately experienced my bad attitude. But since he is the most wonderful guy in the world, instead of taking it personal, he went out of his way to drive to my house, decorate it with balloons, leave me roses on the porch, and post little signs on the windows that said things such as, “I love you, even on your bad days”, “You are the light of my life, today let me be the light of yours.” I cried. The thought was just so special. -Anonymous

Taking the time
Well, I personally thought this was a good one, and my girlfriend did too apparently, because she told a lot of others about it. Anyhow, we had gone to a dance one night, and the dance got cut short. She was upset, so I took her back to her house, turned on the fireplace, and asked her if she would like to dance to the last slow song of the evening. Not only did she think it was sooooooooo sweet, but I have a few friends that have heard about it, and they are now calling me THA MAN. -Dave

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