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Romantic baths for two

A dash of the unexpected will go a long way to setting the tone of your shared moment.

Messages of Love

Messages of Love


At a department store, look for those silly bathtime soap crayons for kids. Before your guy gets home from work and takes his shower, write a poem or a note that says I love you on the shower walls with the crayons! Watch him exit the bathroom with a smile on his face!
–submitted by Amanda

Buy some of that stuff that you put on cars to keep the windows from fogging up. Write “I Love You” or anything like that in the bathroom mirror using the defogging stuff, so that when he/she gets out of the shower, they’ll have a nice surprise!
–submitted by April

I love my girlfriend very much. She stayed at my place overnight for New Year’s, and I woke up before her the next day. While she was sleeping, I ran her a bubble bath and I put floating candles in the water amidst the bubbles. Also in the water, I placed a poem, which I had written for her and laminated, and I put bubbles over the top of it so she couldn’t see it. She was pleasantly surprised to see the bath and even more surprised to find the poem.
–submitted by Daniel

Why not get a lovely bar of soap, which your partner would like, and engrave your poem or message on it, leaving it in the bathroom? Or, give it to them when they are traveling to use.
–submitted by Earlwin

I went to the store and looked in the bubble bath section for children’s bath items. I bought soap crayons and foam soap (colored soap that comes in cans like hair mousse). My boyfriend and I used the foam soap to make “outfits” on each other. We used the soap crayons to write on each other and to write sayings and draw pictures on the bathroom tile. It was refreshing and fun to see each others’ playful side.
–submitted by Anonymous

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