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Top 10 Romantic summer dates

Here’s a list of the top 10 Romantic summer dates, as suggested by you, the readers!

Candlelight Beach Dinner
A nice summer date is strolling on the beach. Then, having a candlelight picnic with roses spread along a path where a blanket is. It can be at night where you can look at the stars, cuddle and kiss, and listen to romantic music.

Outdoor Concert & Dancing
My perfect summer date would be attending an outdoor concert of classical music to start the evening. Then, we would enjoy a romantic dinner on the deck by a lake at a five star restaurant. After that we would be off to a night club for some dancing and drinks, followed by a champagne candlelight bubble bath with romantic background music, and lots and lots of lovemaking through the night! No responsibilities for 24 hours included, except to make each other happy, catering to all of our needs.
–Sally Anne

Sunset Boat Picnic
My best romantic summer date begins with boating on the river, followed by having a picnic watching the sunset and finally looking at the stars at night hold hands.

Scenic Hike & Picnic
I love taking a long hike to a nice peak with a pleasant view. Then, unpack a simple picnic lunch. After hiking back down, it is always nice to just vegg out together and snuggle up to a new movie” simple, but sweet.

Romantic Candlelight Overlook
Recently my boyfriend took me to a spot where you can overlook the city. He set up a small card table with chairs and candlelight. We had a beautiful evening, dining on a mountain top overlooking the beautiful city lights. It was amazing!

Secluded Camping Trip
I love to camp out in a tent on a secluded area such as a beach. Watch the stars and enjoy a couple sips of cool champagne.
–Victoria Alvarez

Picnic In The Park
My favorite summer date is a picnic! Sit under a willow tree with a picnic basket holding goodies such as oysters, cheese, strawberries, grapes, a long baguette and white wine.

Small Town Summer Nights
Have dinner in a quaint mountain town, under the stars on a mild summer evening. Then, drive back into the hills to share a bottle of wine and look at the stars and planets.

Dinner On The Lake
I think, in my opinion, the best summer date is going to a nice middle class bar out on the lake. One that has few tables with candles lit, and an outdoor deck with a live band.
— Crystal

Sunset Cruise For Two
Ideally, it would be in a place where there is a balance of natural beauty and tranquility. Since I live near the ocean, I believe that a sunset cruise on a sailboat is tops for a romantic summer date. After the brilliant hues of the sunset have faded, we would return to the dock, share a glass of wine and dance together beneath the stars.

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