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Seduction Techniques

A successful seduction entails one partner taking charge of the situation and using any means necessary to lure, not force, her man away from what he is doing, and into the bedroom. Here are a few ways to get the job done.

couple massage
The word seduction comes from an old Latin word, meaning to lead astray. Take your man’s mind off of anything but you with these seduction techniques:

Overt Seduction

Sometimes it’s better to act natural. And if you don’t usually come on strong, keep in mind that being overt will get the job done too. Pouting lips and puppy dog eyes, soft kisses and touches around the neck, chest and groin area, whispering sweetly in his ear how much you wants him and how you know he wants you too. Play like you have no clue what you’re doing to him.

Power seduction

Your poor guy shouldn’t have to always do all of the work! Simply pull your man away from whatever he’s doing and aggressively undress him, while pushing him towards the nearest area for lovemaking, even if it’s uncomfortable! This should be followed by you climbing on top and telling him what you’re going to do to him, without tolerating any interjections!

Covert Seduction

Use false pretenses to lure your partner into a lovemaking situation. One great idea for this seduction was provided by an anonymous user:

“Go into your backyard on a chilly fall day and begin raking the leaves in a pile. Summon your mate to hold the bag open and then tell him to close his eyes. Then start putting articles of clothing in the bag and lay down in the leaves after you are naked. When you are in a seductive position, tell him to open his eyes for a big surprise.”


Damsel in Distress Seduction

Call your mate into the bedroom to help you with something urgent. Once he has “rescued” you, reward him handsomely for his brave gallantry.

Classic Seduction: The sensual massage

The first step in giving a seductive massage is to identify the pleasure points on your partner’s body. This seduction is all about finding the areas that make your partner squeal. After all, you want your seduction to be successful, and success means giving your partner maximum pleasure.

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The Perfect Rainy Day

Rain doesn’t have to ruin your day! Shock and awe your partner by coming home wearing nothing under your rain coat. Hold them hostage until the rain stops. We hope you’re saving up some energy for this rainy day.


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