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Dudeoir photography: A new spin on sexy photos

Move over, ladies: Guys are taking over the sexy photo game with “dudeoir” photo sets.

Dudeoir photo 1

For years, photographers have offered women the opportunity to get their sexy and playful sides snapped in boudoir photo sets. But why are we the only ones who get to have fun in front of the camera? Guys are fed up with our camera hogging — and they’re finally doing something about it!

An increasing number of photographers are now offering so-called dudeoir photography to give men an equal opportunity to show off.

And it’s really taking off.

“Twenty-five percent of my business is dudeoir photography. Of that 25 percent, only 5 percent of my dudeoir clients are exhibitionists and wish to be published,” photographer Mariah Carle told SheKnows. “The rest of them are very, very private, and that privacy is why they hire me. I am very discreet with my clients — our relationships are based on trust and creating amazing art.”

Dudeoir photo 2

Carle — a former nude model — quickly gained a male customer base after opening her studio in Oakland, California, five years ago. Many of the men come in to create a sexy gift for their wives or girlfriends. Some go completely nude, while others use strategically placed props to cover their nether regions.

“Fifty percent of the men who come to my studio for images purchase photos for their wives. I receive many thank-you cards from wives and girlfriends who love to see their special man sexy,” she said.

The other half come in to document or celebrate their bodies and capture their accomplishments in photographic form.

“I spend time with each client and learn from them what they find sexy about themselves. We don’t care what society dictates is sexy — we care about the sexy from the inside. Kilts are sexy. Sailor hats are sexy. Men shaving is sexy,” Carle said.

“Fifty percent of my male clients come to me for self-exploration expression and to have a safe place to create art as well as learn that no matter what their own personal body issues are, they can commission a photo shoot and go home with a piece of art that reflects the beauty in their soul.”

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Photos: Mariah Carle/Carle Photography

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