Love advice from Lee & Morty, the Swiffer commercial couple

Swiffer commercial stars Lee and Morty Kaufman captured our hearts with their adorable on-screen interactions. The 90-year-old couple knows a thing or two about maintaining a happy marriage, so we asked them to share their tips. Not surprisingly, they include a lot of napping!

Lee and Morty, the Swiffer couple

It’s easy to get cynical about marriage, especially since over 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. However, Valley Stream, New York, pair Lee and Morty Kaufman prove that true love does exist — and that marriage only gets better with age!

“They’re the couple everyone wants to be,” daughter Myra says in their new Swiffer commercial. The pair met 44 years ago under unique circumstances, and it’s been an incredibly “happy union” ever since.

“We were both widowed in our early forties,” Lee told SheKnows. “I was a teacher, and Morty’s son had trouble reading. He came into my class and said, ‘Scotty can’t read for beans — what are you going to do about it?!’ and that was our first introduction. Morty ended up asking me out when he came back for a parent-teacher conference, and fortunately, his son learned to read… Otherwise, Morty might not have married me if he didn’t!”

Morty joked, “If she could teach Scotty to read, then I knew she had patience… and was the one for me! Forty-four years have flown by.”

Lee added that the main thing she was attracted to was his sense of humor.

“He was — he is — so charming and funny,” she said. “He’s the same in real life as he is in the Swiffer commercial, and I have to admit, he’s a pretty handsome fellow. He’s such a genuine person — what’s not to like?”

The secret to a happy marriage

Lee & Morty Swiffer commercial

So, we have to know: What’s their secret to a happy marriage? It’s unbelievably simple, Lee said.

“No matter what age you are, it’s important to enjoy all of life’s moments, even small things like cleaning,” she said. “For instance, we enjoy each other’s company even as we clean the kitchen floors and do our Swiffer dance.”

Communication and independence are also necessities in a successful marriage.

“As you can see from the commercial, we’re pretty good communicators and talk to each other a lot,” they shared. “We’ve always just shared what’s on our minds with each other in good times and in less-than-perfect times, and that’s how we’ve stuck together so long.”

“Having a little bit of structure is key,” Lee added. “We each have our own hobbies and interests — but make time to do things with each other and friends and family on a regular basis.”

How Lee & Morty show their love

Lee and Morty Swiffer commercial

Married couples tend to take each other for granted after years together, but not Lee and Morty.

“We pay attention to the little things and look after each other,” they said.

Little things include making sure Lee is safe when she hops up on a chair to clean.

“I used to have to make sure Lee was steady when she’d stand on chairs to dust before Swiffer sent us everything that makes cleaning easier, but now she uses the duster with the long handle [Swiffer Dusters Extender], so I don’t have to worry about her anymore!” Morty said. “You have to look out for each other, you really do. If you want a successful marriage, you have to let each other know you love each other, and you have to take care of each other — and we do.”

“And I let Morty have his naps!” Lee joked. “The Kaufmans must have a sleep gene — they’re great nappers, so I let Morty enjoy snoozing, although that’s his game, not mine.”

Watch Lee & Morty’s Swiffer commercial

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