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8 Signs you’re in a dangerous relationship

Love and relationships are great when they are healthy ones, but when they go wrong they can go terribly wrong. Many people find themselves staying in unhealthy, and potentially dangerous, relationships for far too long. Know the warning signs so that if you find yourself in this situation you can get out.

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All relationships come with their ups and their downs, but when they turn unhealthy and potentially dangerous, it’s time to get out. Many people find themselves staying in an unhealthy relationship far longer than they should, for many different reasons. Some people are scared to leave, while others feel that they might not find someone else who will love them. Still others just don’t realize that their relationship is unhealthy until something goes terribly wrong. Here are eight warning signs that your relationship is unhealthy and could prove dangerous.


Your partner is overly controlling

Ask yourself if your partner tries to control your every move in the relationship. Oftentimes in unhealthy relationships, one partner will try to assert dominance over the other by controlling what the person does, who they are seeing and even what they wear. They want to be in charge and make the decisions.


They have a

It’s important to know the difference between being angry and being aggressive. Relationships aren’t always easy, and someone is bound to get upset, but it’s concerning if your partner gets into a violent rage. Throwing objects is a definite warning sign of future aggression.


Your partner is

It’s a problem if your partner wants to keep you all to themselves. They might try to limit the time you spend with other people, like your friends or family.


They don’t take responsibility for their actions

If you are in a relationship where your partner frequently blames others when things go wrong and doesn’t take any responsibility, it might be unhealthy.


They’re manipulating

A partner who uses guilt or pressure to get you to do something you might not want to do can be dangerous in the long run. They like to get their way and can get bent out of shape when they don’t.


Your partner is abusive

Abuse comes in many forms, and all are warning signs of a dangerous relationship. Be aware if your partner makes degrading comments or calls you names. Hitting, pushing, kicking and grabbing are some forms of physical abuse.


They are jealous

It’s normal to be a little jealous sometimes, but when things get out of hand a red flag should be raised. An overly jealous partner might start checking your email, texts or phone calls.


They make threats

If your partner makes threats against you, themselves or anyone else it, is a warning sign that your relationship could become dangerous.

Relationships come in many different forms. These warning signs apply to both genders as well as to different sexual orientations. Knowing the warning signs can help you get out of the relationship early and before there are dire consequences.

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