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Unique wedding guestbook ideas

Looking to go the non-traditional route when it comes to your wedding guestbook? We found 10 super-creative, super-fun alternatives worth looking into!

Couple singing guest book

In addition to your wedding bands and photos, your wedding guestbook is something you’ll have and cherish forever. For most traditional wedding guestbooks, guests simply sign their names — with some opting to leave a note or words of encouragement for the newly-married couple. If this seems a little too traditional or mundane for you, there are other things you can do instead of a basic guestbook.


Mad Libs Guest Book — ‘Guest Libs’

Offer wedding advice to the new couple by playing Wedding Mad Libs! It’s fun for the guests — place one game at each person’s seat in the reception hall so they can fill it out during dinner or dancing. The bride and groom can make a book out of everyone’s cards or simply get a great laugh a few weeks following the wedding!


Vintage marriage advice postcards

Newly-married couple Kendra and Dave’s favorite pastime is traveling. For their wedding, they purchased vintage travel postcards and had each guest write down their best marriage advice on one card. The maid of honor mailed one card each day following the wedding to the couple. Kendra and Dave loved reading the advice and placed all the postcards in a photo album as a keepsake.


A memory book

Instead of having guests just sign the wedding guestbook, have them write down their favorite memory of them and the bride or groom. This provides the bride and groom a chance to reminisce about old times as often as they pull out the guestbook!


Quilted memories

At a recent family reunion, all the O’Connells signed one pre-cut piece of fabric each that was later sewn together to create a beautiful quilt. This idea works wonderfully for wedding guestbooks, as well. Choose colors to match your home and leave the quilt on display!


Polaroid photo book

Enlist your bridal party to capture Polaroid photos of all the guests. Have the guests place the photos in an album with a message to the bride and groom and their signatures. This is a fun and inexpensive way to create a guestbook that allows the bride and groom to relive their special day!


Fingerprint canvas

Have each guest place their fingerprint on a large canvas. Guests can make a ‘family tree’ out of their fingerprints (each print is a leaf) or randomly place their print anywhere on the canvas as a form of abstract art. Later, display this canvas in your home, which will serve as a memory of your wedding day each time you pass it.


Sign a frame or meaningful object

Purchase a large photo frame that each guest can sign and place your favorite wedding photo in the center. If you don’t like the idea of having guests sign a frame, have them sign any object that is significant to you and your spouse. Ideas include a guitar, a nightstand or piece of old furniture, a wooden initial, a puzzle or even a few wine bottles.


Date night jar

Have guests jot down romantic ideas of things to do on date night, sign the card and place in a large Mason jar. The new couple can refer to this jar and pull out an idea any time they’re feeling bored or looking to do something fun!


Recipe for a perfect marriage

This one’s simple yet too cute not to consider. Provide each guest with a blank recipe card and have them create a ‘recipe’ for a perfect marriage. Ours would be equal parts laughter and love, sprinkled with compromise and rolled in with forgiveness! Store all ‘recipes’ in a recipe box to pull out whenever your marriage needs a little extra TLC!


Letters to the bride and groom

Tip: Another fun idea is to have all the guests answer a specific question, such as “Where do you see the couple in 25 years?”

Purchase a blank guestbook and glue miniature colored envelopes onto the pages. Have guests write sentimental thoughts about marriage on note cards and seal in the envelope. The couple then opens one per day (or week) until there are no more. Guests can write quotes, lessons learned on marriage, their favorite thing about being married, well wishes to the couple or anything else the couple may find useful.

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