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Pre-wedding disasters

The last thing you need before you get married is to have something major go wrong. Unfortunately for some, it happens…

Every girl’s nightmare…
Bride wearing torn dress

What happens when your wedding doesn’t go as planned? Things aren’t coming together as picture-perfect as you once envisioned them, causing you to be more stressed out than necessary.

What would you do if your dream dress got ruined in alterations? Or your venue had to cancel your reservations a month prior to the wedding? We’re hearing from women on their pre-wedding disasters and how they made everything OK again!


My venue flooded one month before my wedding date…

I was planning on getting married on July 27 at Magnolia Hall. I chose this location because it was within walking distance of my house. It was affordable, yet gorgeous — everything I dreamed of. One month before the wedding, the wedding coordinator from the venue called to inform us that the venue had flooded due to a broken toilet pipe. It was going to take anywhere from four to six weeks to have it fixed, which was just too close of a call to still hold the wedding there. I immediately started looking at other venues, but with the wedding being so soon, it was nearly impossible to find something. To say I was stressed was an understatement — everything was paid for, invites had been mailed and guests had purchased plane tickets. I ended up finding a venue for $3,000 more, but would have to change my wedding date to July 26. At this point, I just had to let go and agree. Turns out, everyone I wanted to make it was still able to go and I ended up being happier with the new venue. Talk about a blessing in disguise! — Katie (click here to see how her wedding turned out!)


My flowers and one bridesmaid’s
dress was the wrong color…

Click here to see photos!

The day of my wedding, I looked in the cardboard box containing my flowers — which were supposed to be red roses with a single orange rose in the center — only to find that they were pink! That wasn’t the only color faux pas of the day, either. One of my bridesmaids came in from out of state and pulled out her dress. Much to my dismay, it was a pinkish-red, whereas all the other dresses were a bright cherry red! After downing a mimosa, I realized there was absolutely nothing I could do about this situation. Luckily, my photographer was able to touch everything up in the photos! — Laura


Hurricane Sandy wiped out my reception hall…

I was supposed to get married on Nov. 2, 2012, in Union Beach, New Jersey. Hurricane Sandy came to town on Oct. 29 and wiped out my reception hall and the entire town. We ended up getting married in front of the church as planned, but only 70 of my 130 guests were able to make it. The church had no power, no heat and the National Guard was stationed across the street handing out food and water to the devastated residents. I didn’t wear my dress, my husband didn’t wear his tux and my hair and makeup weren’t done, but it was the best day of my life. We even had a wonderful ‘reception’ back at my parents’ house following the ceremony! — Ryan of Maximum Exposure PR


And finally… what if your cake topples over?!

We spoke with Crumbs’ head baker, Lisa Hess-Marks, who suggests having a backup plan when it comes to desserts! “Having a dessert bar set up with an assortment of treats is a great way to ensure that guests will have something to snack on after they work up an appetite on the dance floor. At CRUMBS, we offer our ‘Tastes Collection‘ of mini cupcakes, which are not only perfect for a dessert bar, but have a variety of our bestselling flavors so that there will be something for everyone,” she says.

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