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Bloggers share impact of Light the Night

Cancer is so widespread, we can say with near 100 percent certainty that no matter whom you talk to, someone they love has been affected by the devastating disease. But among the fatal statistics, there are also stories of triumph — if not for the victims of cancer, then certainly for their surviving family members.

People promoting cancer awareness

There are lessons to be learned from tragedy, personally and in the medical field. That’s why the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society began Light the Night. The night walk sponsored by Burlington Coat Factory raises money for cancer research and helping cancer patients not worry about day-to-day minutiae like paying bills, tracking down information and more. The walk is lit by luminous balloons to shed light on just how many families are impacted by the disease each year.

To register, donate or find the nearest walk in your city, visit

Cancer hits close to home for these bloggers, who realize just how much each step toward a cancer cure counts.

Laura Williams,

Some would say that exercise and food is the best medicine. Getting those endorphins kicking, even if you’re feeling subpar, is a great way to get a healthy burst of energy. Laura Williams of Girls Gone Sporty details how to stay your healthiest, even in the thick of sickness.

Read the blog.

Vera Sweeney,

Watching a loved one struggle with cancer is never an easy thing, but seeing them struggle when you’re a child adds another layer of “Why them?” When you’re a kid, you feel invincible. Vera Sweeney tells the story of a loved one with cancer and how the disease changed her life as a kid.

Read the blog.

Jessica Watson,

Jessica Watson tried to wrap her mind around cancer when she was young but struggled to understand the concept. After all, in the innocent world of a child, an ugly disease like cancer shouldn’t exist. She talks about coming to grips with cancer’s reality in her blog, Four Plus an Angel.

Read the blog.

Kat Booska,

Kat Booska knows the impact that a walk like Light the Night can have. Read her blog entry on why she thinks Light the Night will make a difference, at Mama Kat’s Losin’ It.

Read the blog.

Danielle Smith,

Danielle Smith lost a good friend and talented photographer to cancer. She reminisces about the talent robbed from the world by cancer — and how she’d like to give it a good wallop in the gut — on her blog, Extraordinary Mommy.

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