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Out of the box items to add to your wedding registry

While getting married is wonderful for the reasons of love, commitment, consistent adoration and a partnership for life, getting some awesome presents out of the deal isn’t bad either!

Wedding gift

Planning a wedding is a lot of work, naturally. Getting exactly what you envision from your vendors (will the flowers look exactly like they did in that magazine clipping?) is stressful enough. Registering for gifts guarantees that you get exactly what you asked for! In some circumstances, couples might already have all the fixins’ of a home: dinnerware, flatware, kitchen gadgets, bedding, etc. If such is the case, why not consider some out of the box registry items for a nice change of pace? You’ll love receiving them as much as your friends and family will love buying them!

Here are a few ideas:


George Foreman stepped up his game!

George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill

New marriage doesn’t necessarily mean new home with a backyard. But hey, maybe it does. Either way, the George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill will suit your needs. The cooking surface comes with a dome cover for grilling and roasting and has enough space to serve up to 13 people. The grill can also be used indoors by lifting it off the base and putting it on a heat-resistant surface. So call over your friends and invite them over for a little BBQ!


How about the gift of reading?

Kindle Paperwhite

While your honeymoon will surely be filled with relaxation and consummation, you guys will probably want to take a minute to lay out in the sun as well, right? Maybe enrich your brains? Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite e-reader is a great companion for reading in the sun. If you and your beau are jetting off to international lands, Kindle Paperwhite is perfect for guidebooks. I’m also super keen on its 3G technology because if you get bored with a book you started, you can just download another one in 60 seconds. What’s better than that?!


Get gift cards without really saying “get me gift cards”

Gift cards

Let’s be honest, sometimes you just want the money. You want people to make it rain all over you. Clearly, you can’t just ask for free dinners and what have you, but gift cards are a whole different story. Places like Giftbar and Card Avenue allow you to ask for exactly what you want, and you can make it as personal as possible.


Drinks, drinks, drinks!

Booze Carriage

As future hosts of dinner and Super Bowl parties, stocking up on alcoholic beverages is a must. Wine of the Month and Beer of the Month clubs are great ways to have the gifts keep on coming! Every month you get a new present on your doorstep. New York company Booze Carriage is your one-stop shop, offering a selection for every occasion and price point with delivery to your doorstep!


Who needs gifts anyway?

Charity Water Project

For those of you who find joy in helping other people, why not forgo wedding gifts and ask for donations instead? Charity Water Project lets you bring clean water to a community abroad that really needs it. Now, you and your guests can feel good about making a difference!

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