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We asked, you shared: Secret sexual fantasies

What do women really want? It’s a question we often ask ourselves — and some of you shared. Get out a cool drink because it’s getting hot in here!

Male, female, male threesome

“My partners are pretty GGG (see Dan Savage if you don’t know what that means),” says Rachel S., “so if I want something, one of them will make it happen. I guess I’m just lucky like that. When I do fantasize, I like a lot of struggle play and BDSM (in a safe and sane way, where I make squeaky noises and my partner giggles at me for it). I don’t want that all the time but sometimes. Other times I’ll think of the way one of my partners touches me: He has this way of really enjoying running his hands over my skin and it really turns me on.”

— Rachel S.

“I have a few fantasies. I’d like to have a real MMF. I had one just after college, but it was sweet, tame, no intercourse, just touching, caressing, oral. I want to really experience being with two men, giving and receiving pleasure, being worshiped and making them happy in return. Honestly, though, I love my husband dearly, but I’ve never had an orgasm with him. So my ultimate fantasy is to have great sex regularly!”

— Eva B.

“I’ve always had M-F-M fantasies, and after a particularly adventurous vacation, that was fulfilled (many times!) with my husband and a close friend of ours. So my current favorite fantasy is to have my husband *and* Robert Downey Jr. Unfortunately, the closest I’ve gotten is finding an Ironman toy left in the bed by my toddler. And, no… I have never done anything with the toys! LOL Eww…”

— Desiree S.

“I’ve always been attracted to the fierce machismo of cowboys. Never managed to lasso one though! My fantasy is a rough and wild tumble with my very own cowboy. Whether it’s in his stables or the back of a dive bar, I am sure he’ll show me who is boss!”

Melissa W.

“I travel a ton for work and have always been attracted to the Mile High Club. Couldn’t tell you how those people fit into that small bathroom, but I’d love to find out!”

— Karissa R.

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