Mudderella: Why women are getting down and dirty

Jul 24, 2013 at 8:00 a.m. ET

Move over, Tough Mudder; there's a new obstacle course event in town and it's just for the ladies. The brand-new event is an all-women obstacle course and 5- to 7k race that encourages you to challenge yourself and push your limits. Learn how to train for one!


If you're not afraid to get a little dirty, and completing an obstacle course in the mud with a bunch of other strong females sounds intriguing, you may be perfect for Mudderella!

Mudderella is an inaugural fitness event kicking off September 21 that's a twist on the Tough Mudder races that have become so popular. Mudderella was created by women for women, and the event isn't timed, unlike traditional races.

"With Mudderella, it's not about how fast you get it done," official trainer Miriam Wasmund says. "It's that you did it, did it together and you did it to the best of your and your team's ability."


The 12 to 15 obstacles throughout the course are designed to encourage teamwork, and the entire event promotes individuals coming together to overcome challenges while having a great time.

Wasmund recommends starting training six weeks prior to the actual race and taking things gradually. "If you've never run 5 miles, don't go out and run 5 miles at first. Try running one mile the first week two to three times and add on comfortably the following week," she says.

She also advises participants to focus on full-body exercises when strength training, such as squats into a full-body row. "There are many more simple body-weight exercises on our training page that will get you started and excited to get out of the gym and out running around in the elements using you own body as a tool," she explains. "Each of us are fully equipped within ourselves to be tough, capable, strong women. We don’t need a gym to tell us that. Grab your friends and get outside!"

Two weeks before the event, you should be at the height of your training and incorporating high-intensity intervals and strength training into your routine, she says. But a week out, you should give yourself a rest. "Active recovery means a week of good night's sleep, lots of water and good nutrition, stretching, light, easy workouts two days and easy runs two days," she says.

After you finish the race, it's time to treat yourself to a healthy protein-filled snack (we love ThinkThin bars) and celebrate your accomplishment! "You will want to remember how awesome you feel and use it for future motivation, so don't skip a minute of the good, good feelings of being sore and dirty and maybe a little winded, because that's your body thanking you for a game well played," she explains.

Mudderella will be taking place all over the US, so check out when it's coming to a town near you and sign up here!

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