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We Asked Jamie Oliver for His Thoughts on Classic British Foods & His Answers Were Not What We Expected

Jamie Oliver is known for his fabulous, easy-to-make dishes. His new book, One: Simple One-Pan Wonders turns dinner into an art, as he whips together mouth-watering dinners prepared in a single pan. But when the famed British chef played a game of This or That with SheKnows, his answers were totally surprising!

Jamie Oliver's One Pan Wonders cookbook

Image: Flatiron Books.

'One: Simple One-Pan Wonders' by Jamie Oliver $21.42

The conversation started out simple: he named his favorite pasta (rigatoni!). But from there, the Food Network chef revealed some of his more divisive opinions. For starters, he revealed that he prefers coffee over tea! (*Cue a collective gasp from across the pond here.*) He also prefers a more American meat — bacon! — over a British favorite, corned beef.

Another interesting fact? Oliver actually likes haggis — and would choose it over a slow-roasted pork butt!

“Haggis, but no one is going to believe me,” he tells us. “Good haggis is amazing! And no one has a clue what it is because they think it’s all guts and horrible bits.”

For the record: he also does like pulled pork, too — he’s not totally nuts.

Oliver also regaled us with the right pan to cook with (it’s not cast iron or ceramic, BTW), and shared some other preferences with us during the interview. Watch the fun video above.

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