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Martha Stewart’s Favorite Snack Pairing Is the Perfect Combo of Fancy & Fun

Martha Stewart has made a career out of elevating the art of entertaining and has turned her DIY ethos into an empire, but even the domestic diva herself takes the easy route — sometimes. While Stewart is no stranger to a homemade ketchup recipe, it turns out that, just like so many of us, she’s not above relying on that easiest of entertaining hacks: opening a bag of chips.

Of course, what she does with that bag of chips is what makes her, well, Martha Stewart. It turns out that Stewart likes her Ruffles topped with steak tartare and her Fritos topped with sour cream and caviar — snack pairings that are as surprising as her friendship with Snoop Dogg.

SheKnows talked to Stewart exclusively about snacking and the summer entertaining tips she totally loves — and is totally over — for her latest partnership with Frito-Lay Variety Packs. Stewart joined the brand’s “Unbox the Icons” campaign, curating her own “iconic box” that fans can enter to win, and it doesn’t disappoint. The three-tiered tower includes chips, of course, as well as a $150 gift card to famed butcher Lobel’s, a signed copy of her Martha’s American Food cookbook, a Sur La Table cooking class voucher, and a canister of gourmet sea salt, among other goodies.

“Everybody loves chips and they’re just a really easy crowd-pleaser when it comes to entertaining,” she says, adding that in addition to the above-mentioned fancy toppings, she’s a fan of more traditional chip dips, too — from homemade salsa and classic French onion dip to her TikTok guacamole recipe.

Speaking of TikTok, Stewart is more interested in creating the next viral food video than trying someone else’s. “I’ve been busy making TikToks and not so busy watching TikTok,” she admits. But when she does, she tunes in to the same how-to videos that captivate the rest of us. “I’m kind of mesmerized with easy techniques for doing things,” she says. “There’s one going on TikTok right now of cutting open a mango and taking the pit out. That’s what I like to watch.”

Other summer entertaining favorites, like Stewart’s current penchant for oyster bars, aren’t necessarily as easily accessible for the rest of us (however crowd-pleasing and delicious they may be), but we’re definitely taking note of two other recommendations.

“I don’t do a lot of crudité anymore; I just find that a lot of leftover… people want something a little bit different than just crudité,” she says. “But a really, really interesting cheese board? Big success at a party.”

Chips and cheese in, veggies out? We’d RSVP yes to that party any day. And for more of our interview with Stewart — including the three celebs she’d invite over for snack time — watch the full video, above.

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