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We Asked Chef José Andrés What He Thinks About 3 Famous TikTok Food Trends

When TikTok first launched, I remember swearing I would never fall victim to its trap. I assumed it was an app strictly for Gen Z and I figured my older-millennial self had no business being on it. Well, then the pandemic hit and I suddenly found myself with a lot of extra free time on my hands so I caved in and downloaded it. Like most users, it only took me a couple of days to become completely hooked. Soon, I found myself endlessly scrolling through the app to get inspiration from everything from home decor to recipes. TikTok quickly became a fun place to broaden everyone’s culinary horizons and we saw the rise of several food trends like pasta chips, candied fruit and even frozen honey. While we loved trying these trending recipes at home, we were curious what a professional chef like José Andrés would think of these internet-famous dishes — so we asked him.

We were lucky enough to sit down and talk with chef José Andrés and we asked him for his thoughts on three of TikTok’s most popular food trends. We started with TikTok user lalaleluu’s pickled garlic trend and then moved onto Emily Mariko’s now-famous salmon rice and finally, the frozen honey.  You can see José Andrés’ reaction to the pickled garlic in the video up above and then check out what he thought of the next two trends in the videos below.

Salmon Rice

Frozen Honey

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