A healthy snack subscription service that helps feed hungry kids

Love With Food is two of our favorite things: delicious, healthy snacks delivered to your door, and an opportunity to help children in need this holiday season.

Love With Food searches the globe and selectively curates the most healthy, affordable snacks for our kids. Best of all, they deliver them right to our door, once a month. No more relying on the same old, not-so-healthy treats from the grocery store. Love With Food will revolutionize your snack time!

Name: Aihui Ong

DOB: 9/11/75

Company: Love With Food

Headquarters: Foster City, CA

Year founded: 2012

Price: Starts at $7 a month.

Twitter: @LoveWithFood

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lovewithfood

Instagram: @LoveWithFood

Website: www.lovewithfood.com


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