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Geeky Food: 7 Things you didn’t know about salt (VIDEO)

What’s the 411 on NaCl?

Salt, a naturally occurring mineral, is a huge player in almost every culture’s cuisine. But did you know that it was once used in lieu of money to close deals and acquire goods? That there are a number of superstitions involving the stuff? That our government asked Morton to add it to table salt for the health of the United States population in 1924?

Well, now you do. Also, a breathtaking 68 percent of the salt we create — whether via solar evaporation, salt mining or commercial processing — has absolutely nothing to do with the stuff we eat.

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What’s it used for? Watch the video to find out; you may just be surprised.

And yes, those are salt crystals you spy here.

salt crystals

Image: Géry Parent/Flickr

How gorgeous are those?

We’re thinking maybe Isak Dinesen was right when she wrote, “The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.”

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