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Geeky Food: 10 Sushi facts you probably didn’t know (VIDEO)

I’ve been obsessed with sushi for many, many years now. And unless you’ve been living under the “raw fish is icky” rock, then you probably are too. Sushi has definitely taken over our taste buds, and I can definitely understand why!

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Between the California rolls and the spicy rolls and classic nigiri sushi, there are more options than ever. One of my favorite activities whenever I visit my parents is going to our local Japanese steakhouse and sitting at the sushi bar, gabbing with the expert chefs and devouring whatever raw fish concoction they put in front of me. Yum!

As much as I love sushi, though, there’s a lot I didn’t know about this beloved dish. For instance, do you know the proper way to use soy sauce with your sushi? Do you know when it became popular in the U.S.? So many things to learn!

fruit sushi

Of course, the best thing you can probably learn about sushi is how to make it at home. Or, you know, how to make some fruity dessert sushi for your little ones. But whichever route you choose — savory or sweet — I’ll definitely be sharing some of these fun facts next time I’m at a sushi restaurant. You know, tonight.

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