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Channel Jaws with this awesome Shark Week-themed cake (VIDEO)

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Ah, Shark Week. That one week in August that has become a phenomenon. Where all of America collectively eats, breathes and sleeps all things shark related. What better way to usher in the week than with this themed cake?

Shark Week cake recipe

Yields 1


  • 2 red velvet boxed cake mixes
  • 4 tins cream cheese frosting fondant
  • Black, green and blue food coloring
  • Powdered sugar
  • Round white sprinkles


1. Bake a 10-inch round cake with both boxes of batter in it. (You will need a deep pan.)

2. Cut about 3 inches off 1 side to make it flat.

Cut off one side of the cake to make a flat edge

3. Slice the cake in half, and take off the top. Sandwich frosting between the 2 layers.

4. Place the top piece back on.

Place one half of the cut cake onto the frosted bottom half of the cake

5. Carve a small amount off the top of the rounded side for a better mouth shape. Start the cut from the straight side, and slope downward a little.

6. Using the 3-inch scrap, form a “pyramid” shape, and place it on the center of the cake toward the front of the slope to create the shark nose.

Create the nose for the shark out of leftover cake pieces

7. Crumb-ice the whole cake. (Cover in a light layer of frosting to set it all as one. Don’t worry about crumbs!)

8. Refrigerate or freeze for a bit to set the frosting and chill the cake.

9. Frost the whole cake again with a thicker layer of frosting.

10. Refrigerate or freeze for a few minutes.

11. Cover the entire cake with a layer of rolled-out, light gray fondant.

12. Cover the back half of the shark-themed cake, starting at the nose, with the dark gray fondant.

Place the fondant over the shark cake

13. Cut out the shark’s dorsal fin. You’ll want to leave it out so it can firm up to make sure it stays pointy once placed.

Cut out a fondant dorsal fin for your shark cake

14. Hand roll 2 small “patties” out of white fondant (about 2 inches across), and place on the dark gray side, at either side of the nose.

15. Using a rolling pin, roll out a small amount of blue fondant (or whatever color you’d like your shark’s eyes to be. Red could be creepy fun) and black fondant. Cut using circular cutters, and place on the white rounds using a small dab of frosting. Put your chosen eye on top of the white rounds, and then the black one on top. Top off with a few small, white, round sprinkles.

Place the eyes on the top of the shark themed cake

16. Roll 2 fat “worms” out of the light gray fondant, and place along the tops of the eyes for the eyebrows.

17. Roll out black fondant, and cut out an 8-inch “banana” shape (this will be the back of the mouth). Place on the cake using a little frosting. Cut out 2 half-moons to tuck into the corners of the mouth. Roll out 2 thin ropes to line the top and bottom lip. Cut a long rectangle of white, and cut out triangles for the teeth. Place the teeth on the black using frosting as well. Place the shark fin on the back.

Create a smiling shark mouth out of fondant

18. Color some frosting blue, and cover the cake dish or base around the cake. Using a long, rolled-out “banana” shape in dark gray, cut it in half, and tuck into each side for side fins.

Place the shark cake on an ocean of blue frosting

Note: To get a glossy finish, steam the whole cake using a steamer or an iron on a steam setting.

Now that you’ve finished your shark cake, get your huge glass of milk, and check out the entire Shark Week lineup.

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