How to 'bake' without an oven and come out with something every bit as good

by Justina Huddleston
Oct 18, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. ET

Holiday baking season is almost here. But what if you don't actually have an oven to bake with? Luckily, there is more than one way to make your favorite "baked" goods. From cake to cookies, biscuits to brownies, these are all the ways you can bake without an oven.

1 /13: Mug cakes

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1/13 :Mug cakes

Making a sweet treat for one is super-easy sans oven thanks to microwaved mug cakes.

2 /13: Full cakes in the microwave

Image: Vinetta/Getty Images

2/13 :Full cakes in the microwave

With a silicone Bundt pan, it takes less than 10 minutes to "bake" a whole cake in the microwave.

3 /13: Skillet cookies

Image: Stephanie Phillips/Getty Images

3/13 :Skillet cookies

It's surprisingly easy to make cookies on the stovetop — just use your favorite recipe with these instructions.

4 /13: Steamed puddings

4/13 :Steamed puddings

Pudding, which is basically a moist steamed cake, is due for a renaissance here in the States.

5 /13: Stovetop slumps

5/13 :Stovetop slumps

A fruit dessert topped with a sweet steamed dumpling dough, slumps are like a stovetop cobbler.

6 /13: Campfire cakes

6/13 :Campfire cakes

If you have an outdoor space, you can bake a cake in a Dutch oven over a campfire or with charcoal briquettes.

7 /13: Skillet brownies

7/13 :Skillet brownies

Gooey brownies, made in a skillet right on your stovetop? Yes, it is possible.

8 /13: Stovetop biscuits and muffins

8/13 :Stovetop biscuits and muffins

Craving biscuits? It turns out you can make them in a skillet right on the stove.

9 /13: English muffins

Image: BlakeDavidTaylor/Getty Images

9/13 :English muffins

Craving rolls, but don't have an oven? Lucky for you, English muffins are made on the stove top.

10 /13: Fluffy stovetop cake

Image: Redphotographer/Getty Images

10/13 :Fluffy stovetop cake

With the right pot and a tight-fitting lid, it's surprisingly easy to make a fluffy cake on the stove.

11 /13: Slow cooker cake

11/13 :Slow cooker cake

These three slow cooker cake recipes are just the beginning of what you can "bake" in your Crock-Pot.

12 /13: Pressure cooker cakes

Image: AlenaKogotkova/Getty Images

12/13 :Pressure cooker cakes

Don't forget the pressure cooker, which cooks all kinds of cake, including molten lava cake.

13 /13: Bake Without an Oven

Image: Liz Smith/SheKnows

13/13 :Bake Without an Oven

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