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All the Delicious Scotch Cocktails You Need to Warm Up This Fall

There’s something about fall that makes us want to switch up the contents of our bar cart. Sure, in the summer, it makes sense to keep vodka, tequila and light rum front and center, but what about when the weather gets colder?

It’s times like this we turn to Scotch. A smoky, complex whisky made in Scotland, it might not spring to mind immediately when you think of fall cocktails. But with bold, woodsy aromatics that remind you of chimney smoke, caramelized vanilla and the best holiday baking, Scotch definitely fits the bill.

Whether you go with a citrusy drink that’ll remind you of warmer days or a totally over-the-top milkshake that’s just indulgent enough for the holidays, there’s a Scotch drink out there for everyone. Take a look at these recipes, then clear some space on your bar for a bottle or two of the good stuff.

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