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12 Food Items That Are Cheaper to Buy on Amazon

Ah, Amazon: It’s a wonderful place where you can find almost anything. Need batteries in bulk for less? Order them on Amazon. Looking for a last-minute Halloween costume for your pooch? Amazon’s selection is ace. Don’t have time this week to go on your usual grocery run? Easy, order on Prime Pantry.

But it isn’t just Amazon’s convenience (and quick delivery for those of us who pay for Amazon Prime) that keeps us coming back for more; their items are usually priced lower than what you’d find in your typical brick-and-mortar stores.

Head of e-commerce at IRI Worldwide, Sam Gagliardi, told Consumer Reports in January 2017 that Amazon and other e-commerce retailers’ nonperishable items can cost at least 10 percent less than stores. Why? According to Gagliardi, online retailers do this to attract and maintain long-term, loyal customers.

However, while certain types of nonperishable items and food items might be cheaper to buy on Amazon, you will usually find lower prices on perishable food items at grocery stores. This includes items like meat, fish, milk and frozen food.

That said, here are the 12 food items you should skip buying at the grocery store — and purchase on Amazon instead.

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