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All the Seasonal Fall Foods Available Right Now

Saying goodbye to summer is hard. I mean, it is the end of beach season and vacation season. It is the end of lazy summer mornings and late summer nights. And those fun and festive cookouts with friends and family are nothing more than a distant dream full of hot grilled goodies and ice-cold cocktails. But when summer ends, a new (and potentially) better season begins: fall.

You see, fall is a magical time — full of colors, candy, costumes and (everyone’s favorite) pumpkins. And while the latter is usually used to decorate one’s home, in recent years, pumpkin (more specifically pumpkin spice) has infiltrated our favorite food and drinks.

Of course, the sweet, cinnamony flavor isn’t for everyone, but if pumpkin-spice is your thing, you’re in luck: Many of the following items are some of the latest and greatest pumpkin-spice products on the market. And if it’s not your jam, don’t worry; we’ve included lots of non-pumpkin fall goodies too. 

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