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The Best Fall Snacks Available at Trader Joe’s

It’s August and not quite fall yet, but we’re already pulling our flannel shirts out of our closets, brewing a fresh batch of fragrant tea and counting down the days until we can grab a PSL at Starbucks (the date is Aug. 28, ICYMI). And Trader Joe’s is well aware of our fall fever. 

Trader Joe’s always seems to be one step ahead of what their die-hard customers want. Case in point: The trendy grocer recently released the not-too-sweet Henry Hotspur’s Hard Pressed for Rosé Cider just as the summer months began wrapping up — a tasty alcoholic beverage we’ll definitely continue drinking through the fall. 

In addition to the cider, Trader Joe’s already has plenty of fall-appropriate snacks ready for the munching and will likely have even more snacks just waiting to be rolled out through the fall months. 

We walked down the Trader Joe’s aisles to take stock of all the readily available fall snacks showcasing all your favorite fall flavors, from pumpkin seeds and cranberry to maple and pecan. 

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