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The Batch Cooker’s Guide to Packing School Lunch

It doesn’t matter how prepared you think you’ll be, back-to-school mornings somehow always seem to sneak up on you. And we all know what that means, right? The dreaded last-minute scramble to throw together a somewhat acceptable wholesome meal for your kid’s lunch box (that they’ll actually eat).

If the mere thought of this stresses you out and makes you feel like a hot-mess mom, first, join the club. Second, cut yourself some slack. And third, come aboard the batch-lunch train. After a few weeks without your former lunch box crises, you’ll feel like a new person.

The following lunches can be prepared in large quantities ahead of time and stored in the freezer until they’re needed. Even better, many of the recipes only require a handful of ingredients — so you don’t have to spend days in the grocery store to make this work.

Rather, spend a few hours prepping two or three of these lunchtime wonders on a Sunday, and you’ve got your kid’s midday cuisine nailed for the week.

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