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A Back-to-School Grocery List & Menu so You Don’t Have to Worry About Meals All Week

You have enough on your plate (pun intended) without stressing over what you’re going to feed your family during that first week of back-to-school madness. School supplies, new clothes, new schedules, meet-the-teacher nights — with so much to wrap your brain around, the last thing you want to do is spend hours meal planning or roaming around the grocery store. 

Of course, such is mom life, right? You’re going to need to have a meal plan in place heading into that first week because you want to send your kids off the school with full bellies (aka brain fuel). Not to mention they’ll be ravenous when they come home each afternoon. As soon as they sling off their backpacks, they’ll be wondering what’s for dinner.

So, let us make things a little easier for you, Mama. We’ve put together an easy and crowd-pleasing back-to-school menu for that first harrowing week. Bonus? You’ll also find a grocery list outlining all the items you’ll need to make your meals. 

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