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13 Savory Ways to Serve Up Peaches This Summer

From the beach to the pool, the lemonade stand to the farmers market, our list of summer faves is long and luxurious. When it comes to food, though, even ice cream can’t touch the glory that is in-season summer produce. Peaches are especially delicious this time of year. They’re a far cry from the pale, rock-hard fruit you can get at the grocery store in the winter. Instead, they’re incredibly fragrant, a beautiful sunset blush color and as juicy and sweet as you could ever hope.

But peaches aren’t just for cobblers and Bellinis. They’re delicious in savory preparations too. The sweet peach flesh can be used to contrast, complement and highlight the flavors in your favorite meals. It works particularly well with grilled meats, and don’t even get us started on the magical combination of peaches and cheese, whether it be blue, goat or Gruyère. You really can’t go wrong.

The next time you see perfect peaches for sale, stock up. You’ll want to add them to all your meals.

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