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The Best Nondairy Ice Creams to Try This Summer

Who has two thumbs and shouldn’t eat creamy ice cream, but does anyway? This chick.

And I know I’m not alone: An estimated 30 million to 50 million American adults are lactose intolerant, according to the National Institutes of Health

To add to that NIH stat, many Americans have been warming up to the idea of drinking nondairy milk — even if their lifestyle doesn’t require it. In 2017, research from Mintel showed that U.S. nondairy milk sales grew 61 percent over the last five years. Why are we bringing this up? Because this includes almond, soy and coconut milk as well as other nut-based milks that have gained popularity, like pecan, hazelnut and flax milks. And do you know what nondairy ice creams use as a base? Many of those aforementioned milks.

Regardless of your lifestyle, no one should have to eliminate ice cream from their diet completely. You just have to look in the right places and at the right labels. What you might not realize is there are so many vegan, lactose-free and nondairy ice cream options available, so to help you out, we’ve narrowed down the list to these 10. Trust us; they’re just as good as the real thing.

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