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10 Ways to Supercharge Your Water This Summer

There’s no denying water is good for us. Good for our hair, skin, digestive system and immune system, not to mention water wards off all the ills that come with dehydration in the summer (hello, dehydration headache.) There’s some debate over how much we really need to drink — that whole eight-glasses-a-day thing might be outdated (according to the results of a 2007 study published in the journal BMJ) — but what’s not up for debate is that we humans are made of water and need to make sure we’re drinking it.

Still, most of us struggle to drink enough — watermelon counts as a serving of water, right? To combat that, many have started adding different flavors and textures so we drink up when we would otherwise find water boring. Or maybe you’ve so mastered drinking water that you’re looking to further enhance your health game.

Whatever your reason, we’ve found a few superfoods that work well in water and seem to come with worthwhile nutrients or health benefits.

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