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Upgrade Your Next Party With These Modern Spins on Classic Dishes

As a general rule, when it comes to throwing a party, the more creative you get, the cooler your gathering will be. Though it might seem like everything’s been done (and Instagrammed) to death these days, Pinterest is — no surprise — still chock-full of original entertaining ideas. No need to go overboard with fancy finger foods and gourmet bites; just look for creative ways to amp up classic dishes, whether it’s in the recipe itself or simply through the presentation.

Whether you’re throwing a shindig in a legit backyard or on your urban patio, there’s no shortage of ways to level up the party snacks you serve. From meals in a jar to picnic pies, your guests won’t see these twists on old-school summer staples coming.

Click through for some of the coolest, most creative party food inspo Pinterest has to offer.


Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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