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Bone Broth Is the New Smoothie Trend You Need to Try

The internet is full of food trends, and the latest to take over our feeds has been bone broth smoothies. Yep, that’s right — as if we were already consuming so much bone broth (nope) that we needed to find more places to use it, the internet has risen up to give us a solution to our quest (thanks?).

There seem to be two basic ways of including bone broth in your smoothies. One is to take the broth itself — whether you’ve made it at home or purchased it — and freeze it into cubes. These get added to your traditional smoothie recipe if you’re the kind of person who enjoys the taste of beef and banana. The second way is through bone broth protein powders several companies have started creating, although how a substance can be both a broth and a powder makes us want to pull out our old science textbooks.

Proponents say that bone broth is good for your gut, relieves arthritis, could help you lose weight and improves hair, skin and nails thanks to its collagen content, although the driver behind this trend does seem to be brands pushing their bone broth concoctions. Ah, food trends in the age of Instagram influencers.

Either way, we rounded up a few recipes for the next time you’re craving some blended, fruity chicken. I mean, it’s worth at least trying, right? Enjoy!

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