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10 of the Best International Cities for Food

There are a lot of reasons to travel — visiting international landmarks, meeting new people, viewing spectacular scenery. But in our book, nothing inspires the travel bug quite like the urge to taste our way across the world.

Food holds the key to culture, and there’s no better way to start getting familiar with a new place than by sitting down (or standing next to a food stall) with a good meal. You’ll meet the people cooking your food and the people enjoying it alongside you, and the seasonings and spices you’re eating can tell you a lot about the culinary history of the place you’re in.

When you visit a major city, you often have an opportunity to try the food of many different cultures at once, as people flock to these urban areas to start anew and bring their regional traditions with them (just look at New York, where pizza is as common a street food as a gyro from a halal cart). For our money, these are some of the best cities in the world for travelers who have a perpetually growling tummy.

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