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15 Fermented Food Recipes That Go Way Beyond Kombucha

Fermented foods have started gaining traction, not just because they’re tasty, but also because according to WebMD, they could be good for our digestive systems, potentially reducing risk of diseases like diabetes and IBS. Fermented drinks like kombucha are on all the grocery shelves, and people have even been purchasing their own scoby (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) to make kombucha at home, which made us wonder — what other fermented foods are totally attainable for the home chef?

It turns out plenty! The internet has seemingly endless resources for whatever kind of fermented food you’re interested in trying. Sauerkraut? Yep. Kimchi? Of course. But even foods you may not have considered for fermenting are possibilities, like ketchup or jalapeños.

We rounded up the fermented recipes that sounded the most interesting to try, like blueberry kefir and cinnamon roll sourdough. Get them right, and we’ll have some of the happiest guts around. Get them wrong, and… well, there’s always the grocery store.

A version of this article was originally published June 2018. 

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